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Summer Reading Superheroes!
Summer Reading Superheroes

There are so many heroes! Heroes in history, heroes in mythology, heroes in science, heroes in the community and, of course, superheroes!

And now it's your kids' turn. If they read along with The Bookies Bookstore this summer they can be a Summer Reading Superhero!

Play Our Summer Reading Superhero Bingo Game!
Come into the store to get your kids' books for summer and pick up a copy of our Summer Reading Superhero bingo game sheet. Then the fun begins!
  • When your child completes one line on the card, horizontally, vertically or diagonally, bring the sheet into the store and we'll reward your heroic reader with a $5 gift card!*
  • If your child completes the whole sheet, we'll enter your superheroic reader into a prize drawing to win a $50 gift card*! We'll have two gift cards to give away!
  • Our challenge is open to kids of all ages, from kindergarten to high school!**
A Fun Way to Make Teachers Happy! (And you!)
Teachers loathe the summer slide, when the kids they've been teaching all year forget much of what they've learned. Summer reading is the easiest, most fun way to avoid this loss. And, if your child reads enough, they might return to school ahead of where they were at the end of the Spring semester! Turn the summer slide into the summer rise!

*One $5 gift card and one competition entry per person
** No purchase necessary

Start Reading with Our Suggestions!  
Not sure where to start? Take a look at our summer reading lists, n ow up on our website under the Summer Reading 2018 tab at the top, and also available as printed copies in the store. There's something for every young reader, from picture books to young adult.

Click on the image to watch a fun video to inspire your kids to read, featuring hand-drawn cartoons by beloved children's author, Dav Pilkey, showing how to be a reading superhero!

Have you entered our Mother's Day Hobo Bag Prize Drawing?
There are only a few days left to enter your name into our Mother's Day Hobo bag prize drawing! 

Entries close when the store closes on Saturday, May 12th, when we will draw the name of the lucky customer who will win this wonderful Hobo bag!

Don't miss out on your chance to win Friar, a shoulder bag in pearlized pale grey-- perfect for summer! It's made in Hobo's distinctive soft vintage leather and is fully lined, with zip pockets on the outside and inside, plus a slip pocket for your phone.
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New Books for Kids!

I Got It_
I Got It!
David Wiesner
The few seconds while you wait to catch a baseball feel like forever, and this beautifully illustrated wordless picture book shows some of the scenarios that flash through one boy's mind as the ball arcs through the air.

Doll-E 1.0
Doll-E 1.0
Shanda McCloskey
A girl with a scientific mind has no idea what to do with a doll--until she uses her skills to upgrade it, much to the concern of her devoted dog. Creative and fun!

Big Cat_ Little Cat
Big Cat, Little Cat
Elisha Cooper
This picture book about the relationship between two cats is deceptively simple and very moving. The sparse line illustrations and minimal text manage to convey so many feelings about friendship, death and coming full circle. Beautiful.

Hello Lighthouse 
Hello Lighthouse
Sophie Blackall
What would it be like to live in a lighthouse? Sophie Blackall's stunning illustrations show you as she follows the life of a lighthouse keeper and his family, warm and snug inside as the days and seasons pass, as the wind blows, the fog rolls in, and icebergs drift by.

The Day Dad Joined My Soccer Team 
The Day Dad Joined My Soccer Team
Maureen Fergus and Mike Lowery
Boisterous picture book showing the consequences when Dad joins the soccer team and takes it all much too seriously! How will he learn to be a good sport? Very funny. Great for coaches and for gently poking fun at parents who 'play' from the sidelines!

Charlie _ Frog 
Charlie and Frog
Karen Kane
A lonely boy and a deaf girl work together to solve the mystery of an elderly woman who has disappeared. A page-turning mystery full of humor, intrigue and heartwarming friendships.  
Ages 8 - 12 

Kwame Alexander
A prequel to The Crossover, telling the story of the twin's father, Chuck Bell and how he discovers his family's past--and basketball. Told in fast-moving verse and illustrated with graphic panels.
Ages 10-12

The Unflushables
The Unflushables
Ron Bates and James Patterson
Crazy fun from the "James Patterson Presents" imprint. Nitro City's sewers were guarded by superhero plumbers until they were discredited. Now the city is being overrun by mutants! Can a 13-year-old boy get the plumber heroes back on the job before the explosive Burrito Festival makes things even worse?
Ages 8 -12

Brooklyn House
Brooklyn House Magician's Manual (The Kane Chronicles)
Rick Riordan
A guide to the world of Carter and Sadie Kane. Packed with quizzes, stories, and insights about Ancient Egyptian deities, creatures (the friendly and the deadly), the mysterious Duat, and more, this primer will prime those with the blood of the pharaohs to take their first steps down the path of the gods.

Class Action
Class Action
Steven B. Frank
One boy's rebellion against homework takes the reader on a fun romp through justice system, kids' rights, and constitutional law as Sam and his friends try to have homework made illegal for all the kids in Los Angeles.
Ages 10-12

The Burning Maze
The Trials of Apollo Book 3: The Burning Maze
Rick Riordan
Third in the series in which the cast-down god Apollo, now awkward teenager Lester Papadopolous, tries to regain his place on Mount Olympus. Having survived two trials, Lester now seeks the third Oracle, while attempting to save Camp Jupiter from an attack by evil Roman emperors. Packed with adventure, thrills and humor.
Ages 10-14

Ghost Boys
Ghost Boys
Jewell Parker Rhodes
After being shot when a police officer mistakes his toy gun for a real one, twelve-year-old Jerome returns as a ghost and meets another ghost: Emmett Till. Together they process the racism, anguish and devastation that surround his death. A powerful and poignant story
exploring race.
Ages 10+

Isle of Blood and Stone
Isle of Blood and Stone
Makiia Lucier
A sweeping fantasy in which three friends try to uncover the truth behind the deaths of two princes 18 years earlier. Each of the three has been affected by their deaths. Full of intrigue and schemes, romance and friendship, and fearless explorers searching for the truth.
Ages 12+

Henry Turner
A tense psychological thriller in which a teenager finds himself trapped in his ex-girlfriend's basement by an alarm system and observes the family, uncovering mysteries and secrets about them--and himself.
Ages 12+

Teachers! Did you send us your summer reading lists yet?!
Send us the list of books that you want your kids to read this summer and we'll stock up to make sure they can get them! Please send us your lists soon, so we can be ready for your students! Email them to [email protected]. Thank you!

Something Different...
Independent Bookstore Day 2018
Independent Bookstore Day


We had a tremendous time at Independent Bookstore Day this year. Thank you to all the authors who came in and were so interactive with our customers--and with one another. Peals of laughter rang through the store all day! We're looking forward to more events later in the year, including a visit from Carol McCloud, author of Bookies favorite, Have You Filled Your Bucket Today? and a signing devoted to local non-fiction authors. More details coming soon!