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Let’s Break Your Yield Record this Year!
When a row misses an AgLogic application, you miss out.
Thank you for choosing AgLogic™ aldicarb as your Integrated Pest Management partner. For 50 years, aldicarb has helped growers achieve:
Maximum yield potential

Long-lasting insect, nematode and mite control

Faster crop canopy and a stronger root system

Systemic pest control and reduction of foliar sprays

Preserving beneficial organisms, potentially avoiding secondary insect and mite flare ups.
A 2018 Auburn University study showed AgLogic aldicarb increased the growth and yields of cotton plants more than any competitors’ products. Similar results were observed in Arkansas, South Carolina and Georgia.
Historically increased cotton yields by 150 lbs. and returns by $115.50 per acre*
Historically increased peanut yields by 539 lbs. and profits by $126.12 per acre**
With AgLogic 15GG aldicarb, you’ve enjoyed faster grow-off, fruiting rate, size and improved plant vigor. This year, we’re excited to partner with you again to deliver serious results for your yields and bottom line.
Before you head to the fields for this year’s planting season, calibrate your planters with the product you trust.
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Protect Your Investment Against:
Thrips   |   Aphids   |   Leafhoppers   |   Whiteflies   |   Mites   |   Nematodes
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*Historical trial results over multiple years and cotton growing areas showed aldicarb applied to cotton at a rate of 5 lbs. per acre increased yield by an average of 150 lbs. per acre, creating an economic return of $115.50 per acre.
** A 10-year data compilation showed aldicarb applied to peanuts at 7-11 lbs. per acre increased yields by an average of 539 lbs. per acre, increasing profits of $126.12 per acre.