Complete Resource Guide
for People with Disabilities, 2020
An invaluable resource for all those committed to empowering individuals with disabilities!
"Inside the heart of the volume users will find more than 9,000 descriptive listings, over 24,000 key contacts, and thousands of websites, fax numbers, and email addresses."
- American Reference Books Annual
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December 31st, 2019!
The Complete Resource Guide for People with Disabilities, 2020
"Those with disabilities and those who care for them need reliable information about available resources. This comprehensive directory is an excellent starting point."
Pub. Date: September 2019
ISBN: 978-1-64265-096-9
Price: $165

Includes One Year of Free Online Access
The widely-acclaimed  Complete Resource Guide for People with Disabilities  is an invaluable resource for all those committed to empowering individuals with disabilities. All those with a disability, from vision problems to physical disabilities to asthma, will find ways in this Directory to succeed at work, in school, and in their community.

This completely updated 2020 edition includes thousands of new entries, enhancements to existing entries, and hundreds more web sites and e-mail addresses.

For over 20 years this informative resource guide has been the go-to resource for people with disabilities, detailing important contact information for thousands of:
  • Independent Living Centers
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • State & Federal Agencies
  • Associations
  • Support Groups and much more
This one-stop resource also provides immediate access to the latest products and services available for people with disabilities such as:
  • Periodicals & Books
  • Assistive Devices
  • Employment & Education Programs
  • Camps and Travel Groups  

This edition also includes Helpful Articles for the Disabled Population, an expanded Glossary of Terms, and a Resources section arranged by 8 disability categories that make finding resources for a specific disability quick and easy.
Front matter begins with:
  • National Center for Disabilities Progress Report
  • Institute on Disability/UCED Disability Statistics Annual Report
  • Glossary of Disability-Related Terms

Coverage continues with 21 subject-specific sections, from Arts & Entertainment to Vocational & Employment Programs; 3 sections of Rehabilitation Facilities; and 9 disability-specific sections, from Aging to Visual.

Most sections include a range of resources, including Associations, Products, Camps, Living Facilities, and Print and Electronic Resources. The comprehensive Table of Contents guides you through the 33 chapters and more than 100 subchapters contained in this rich resource.
Sure to save hours of Internet research time, this title provides comprehensive, critical and immediate information in one source that can be accessed quickly and easily. This edition provides 9,096 descriptive listings, 24,095 key contacts, 7,525 fax numbers, 5,884 email addresses, and 8,027 web sites. 

New to this edition is an appendix of state-by-state statistics from the Annual Disability Statistics Compendium. The first part of this section includes tables that provide numbers of disabled individuals by state, and by disability—hearing, vision, cognitive, ambulatory, and self-care and independent-living disabilities. The second part of this section includes state-by-state numbers of individuals who are employed, also broken down by the six disability categories listed above.
  • Entry & Publisher Index lists all directory listings alphabetically.
  • Geographic Index organizes listings alphabetically by state.
  • Subject Index alphabetically organizes directory listings by relevant topics, i.e. autism, language disorders.

All those with a disability, from vision problems to physical disabilities to asthma, will find ways in this Resource Guide to succeed at work, in school, and in their community. Each year, more libraries, schools, colleges, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and individuals add  The Complete Resource Guide for People with Disabilities to their collections, ensuring that this information is readily available to the families and individuals who can benefit most from the amazing wealth of resources cataloged here.
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The Complete Learning Disabilities
Resource Guide, 2019
“By virtue of its size, comprehensiveness, and frequency of updates, this directory stands out as a singularly important resource for academic and public libraries. It is highly recommended.”
-American Reference Books Annual
The Complete Learning Disabilities Resource Guide  (formerly  The Complete Learning Disabilities Directory ) has been a comprehensive and sought-after resource for professionals, families and individuals with learning disabilities since 1992. This twenty-first edition is the most comprehensive and current source of resources for the LD community available today, and a continual National Health Information Awards Winner for providing "...the Nation's Best Consumer Health Information Programs and Materials in the category of Health Promotion/Disease and Injury Prevention Information."

The Complete Learning Disabilities Resource Guide  supports the LD population, from those with a learning disability to their support network, in a number of ways. This edition starts with valuable front matter-both statistics about children and adults with learning disabilities-and a summary report from the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLSD). The report includes:
  1. Understanding Learning and Attention Issues
  2. Identifying Struggling Students
  3. Supporting Academic Success
  4. Social, Emotional and Behavioral Challenges
  5. Transitioning to Life After High School
  6. Recommended Policy Changes
Pub. Date: October 2018
ISBN: 978-1-68217-778-5
Price: $165

Includes Two Years of Free Online Access
This twenty-first edition, with 4,614 listings, provides a comprehensive look at the variety of resources available for the many different types of learning disabilities, from those that occur in spoken language, to those that affect organizational skills. It includes a wide array of testing resources, crucial for early diagnosis, and is arranged in subject-specific chapters for quick, effective research.

The Table of Contents is your guide to this database in print form.  The Complete Learning Disabilities Resource Guide  is arranged into 21 major chapters and 100 subchapters, making it easy to pinpoint the exact type of desired reference, including Associations, National/State Programs, Publications, Audio/Video, Web Sites, Products, Conferences, Schools, Learning/Testing Centers, and Summer Programs. Listings provide thousands of valuable contact points, including 4,339 key executives, web sites, fax numbers, descriptions, founding year, designed-for age products, and size of LD population for schools.

With valuable information for not only those individuals with LD, but also for parents, teachers and professionals, this edition offers answers to legal and advocacy questions, as well as specially designed computer software and a full range of assistive devices.  The Complete Learning Disabilities Resource Guide  gives you the confidence that this one resource is all you need. It assures those in the LD community that this crucial information is readily available at every school and library across the country, not just at state or district level special education resource centers. Now, every special education teacher, student, and parent can have, right at their fingertips, a wealth of information on the critical resources that are available to help individuals achieve in school and in their community.
Special Education: A Reference Book for Policy and Curriculum Development, Third Edition
“This volume provides both contextual information on the development of special education and readily usable information and resources for parents and educators… Overall, the book is well written and provides a useful grounding in special education terminology, curricular issues, legislation, and policy.”
- American Reference Books Annual
Pub. Date: September 2018
ISBN: 978-1-68217-950-5
Price: $165

Includes Free Online Access
The US Department of Education notes that, “in 1970, U.S. schools educated only one in five children with disabilities, and many states had laws excluding certain students, including children who were deaf, blind, emotionally disturbed or mentally retarded, from its schools.” Now, they estimate that more than 6.5 million children and youths receive special education and related services to meet their individual needs. This remarkable resource combines the history, developments and current trends in the field, along with resources to direct users to much-needed sources of support.

In over 400 information-packed pages this resource:
  • Offers a comprehensive introduction to special education, the broad number of disciplines that inform it, how it has evolved, and provides a context for understanding the current challenges and controversies surrounding the issue
  • Focuses on contemporary research regarding such issues as cognitive development, multiple intelligences, different learning styles, technology and interventions
  • Updated with current changes to the No Child Left Behind and Individuals with Disabilities Education Acts
  • Explores how special education developed as an outgrowth of regular education and provides a context for understanding its current challenges and controversies
  • Covers the history and laws related to special education
Other important features include:
  • Useful Directory of organizations, associations and government agencies relating to special education
  • Updated Chronology of Events in the evolution of the concept of special education
  • New Primary Documents section
  • Easy-to-use Bibliography
  • Cumulative Index

This resource is a must-have for education grant writing, curriculum development projects and information outreach programs that are so important to special education programs. Inside, readers will find detailed information on the latest techniques, latest research results and new multi-disciplinary approaches, information that can be put to work immediately in building flexible, responsive special education programs. For an administrator, student, teacher or non-profit organization interested in the field, this will be the go-to resource to have. 

The comprehensive coverage of this important topic makes this resource a must-have for all public, university and high school libraries, in addition to the reference collection of university education departments and school districts.
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