SUNDAY July 5, 2020
With COVID-19 cases rising in Texas, it is more frustrating than ever for those of us wanting to get out and about. In doing so we must all continue to follow the medical professionals' recommendations to keep ourselves and others safe. All is not lost — use this time to GET CREATIVE in ways to have fun safely. Find a few ideas in this issue and keep up with all of our social media and publications for more.

One fun thing to do is to spend some time reading the new July/August eBook, with 60 pages of great articles and information. "Remnants of Freedom" by Pamela Edwards describes the Pleasant Hill Quilters, a group that educates about the role of quilts and symbols that boosted freedom for slaves along the Underground Railroad. In "A Woman's Voice," Tracy Torma commemorates the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment in August, which guaranteed women the right to vote. In "Animals Live Freely at Black Beauty Ranch," Lisa Tang tells the story of a sanctuary in Murchison that allows hundreds of animals to live freely in their "forever home."

As you read the new eBook, think of ways to get creative in experiencing the treasures of the Upper East Side of Texas while helping to maintain a safe environment for everyone. Stay in touch with more of what's going on in the region on our website and social media. If you aren't already signed up for a free subscription to the  COUNTY LINE WEEKLY  you can do that HERE.
Find colorful, useful art by Potters Brown in downtown Edom. Take a look at their berry bowls, then go around the corner and get some blueberries from Blueberry Hill Farms.
Flo Stevenson of the Pleasant Hill Quilters demonstrates symbols on a sampler that former slaves used to navigate their way to freedom through the Underground Railroad. Photo by Pamela Edwards
Through meticulous quilting patterns and robust song performances, Pleasant Hill Quilters of Linden, Texas, offer a glimpse into a classified American past. Clad in colorful handmade bonnets and aprons, this group of women works to decode and preserve a cryptic fragment of history, explaining how multitudes of illiterate people escaped slavery. Click on the headline link to read the complete article in the new July/August County Line.
Described as a “tranquil haven in the pines,” by the Texas Wildlife and Parks Department, Tyler State Park offers hiking trails, boating, bird watching and wildlife viewing, fishing, swimming, a playground, and watercraft rentals. Roughly 15 miles north of Tyler, the park offers a range of camping options, and is a popular destination for thousands of visitors each year. 
"Pictures, Anyone?" by Tony Foster of Palestine and "A Table for Two" by Scott Trent of Richardson. Courtesy Photos
Now in its ninth year, Art Tracks is based on Palestine’s railroad heritage. The 18 sculptures along the exhibit’s route bring modern art, culture, and a pop of color to the historic Main Street District. The exhibit offers a walking or driving art tour experience that’s free and family-friendly. A map is available at the visitor’s center or by downloading the Visit Palestine app. Read the full article in the new County Line.
Ima Hogg was born July 10, 1882, in Mineola. The daughter of Governor James Stephen Hogg and Sarah Ann Stinson, Ima is well-known for her self-deprecating name, but also gained recognition later in life for her contributions to the arts, historic preservation, and other philanthropic projects.

Ima began playing the piano at the age of three and later studied music in New York and Europe. She financed the preservation of several Hogg family homes, including the restored home of her parents, which opened as the Ima Hogg Museum in Quitman in 1969. She is also remembered for supporting the arts in education and equal pay for teachers, and for establishing the Houston Child Guidance Center and the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health.
Blue Rock Studio is presenting weekly virtual shows beginning this Friday with Ruthie Foster. Others include Matt the Electrician, Tina & Walt Wilkins, David Ramirez, Carrie Rodriguez, Billy Crockett, Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin, and Terri Hendrix. Follow this article for ticket and more information.
Covering the Arts Across the Upper East Side of Texas
Friday is National Pina Colada Day! Here's a great excuse to stir up a batch of drinks or go for some popsicles  — as long as they are nice and icy for this July day, it's a party.
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