Get Creative!
Tips on How to Run a Successful Workplace Campaign
When planning your campaign, take into consideration what motivates your employees and how they receive communications. Build your campaign around your team and corporate culture.
Incentive Prizes
Not only do incentive prizes make your workplace campaign fun, they also motivate employees to participate in your workplace campaign. Consider the following:

  • VIP parking spaces 
  • PTO days (half or full)
  • Casual dress day 
  • Company apparel or logo’d items 
  • Raffle baskets
  • Gift cards
  • Lottery tickets
  • United Way S.W.A.G. (provided by us!) 
COVID-19 Adaptation: Consider buying gift cards from local businesses who might be struggling during the pandemic to use as incentives. 
Hold a Campaign Kick Off Event
Campaign events are a great way to raise awareness about your employee campaign and share about United Way’s mission with your employees. Some companies have games and contests to make their kick off event even more fun.

COVID-19 Adaptation: To limit the risk of spreading disease, try to hold your kickoff event in small groups instead of gathering your whole workforce at once. 
Schedule a Campaign Presentation
Having a United Way speaker can really make a difference for your workplace campaign and give employees an opportunity to connect with the mission on a deeper level. 

COVID-19 Adaptation: To limit person-to-person contact, we would happily provide a virtual presentation to your employees which you could project live on a screen. Let us know if you have live-streaming capabilities at your workplace! 
Give Away Food
People respond to food! Free food is a great incentive to bring employees to a meeting that they may not have attended otherwise. 

COVID-19 Adaptation: Since buffet style food options are riskier to spread disease, consider offering a bagged lunch at your campaign event instead.  
Ensure Every Employee Receives a Pledge Form
The number one reason employees do not give is because they were never asked! It’s so important that every employee has an opportunity to give. Instead of leaving the pledge forms in a public place for people to pick up, give pledge forms to each employee individually. 

Pro Tip: You can also try customizing each pledge form with the employee’s name and the amount they gave last year. 
Say Thank You
Never miss an opportunity to thank your employees for their gift in support of improving lives for individuals and families throughout Lebanon County:

  • Send a Thank you message from company leadership
  • Send a personalized thank you message 
  • Organize a special thank you treat 
Questions about your upcoming campaign or ready to get started planning?
Contact Alyssa Trentzsch, Director of Leadership Development. We're also happy to meet with your organization's leadership to discuss the importance of the work we are doing thanks to your organization and your efforts as an Employee Campaign Coordinator!