Fourth cohort starting Fall (October 11, 2021)
Accomplish 18 months of coursework in 6 months.

Accelerated Credit and Lending Training Program (Instructor-Led Online Curriculum) CBE Competency-Based Education This program provides the participant with an exceptional opportunity for higher level study and professional growth. The CBE Accelerated Credit and Lending Training Program is designed to assess students on their mastery of the competencies and skills necessary for a successful career in credit and underwriting. The program accelerates the leadership and professional development of individuals identified by senior managers as having the potential to assume positions in credit, business and commercial lending with increased responsibilities or mid-level management.

Prerequisite: Financial Accounting, and 3 to 5 years of banking experience.

Competencies for the Accelerated Credit Training Program
Competency 1
Financial Acumen/Critical Thinking: Interprets, analyzes financial statements, industry trend reports and clients' payment histories by categorizing, assessing data, analyzing trends.
Financial Acumen/Critical Thinking: Performs specialized analysis on financial evidence and loan approval process.

Competency 2
Cultural/Global Perspectives/Market Assessment: Ability to breakdown complex transactions, including global understanding of large exposure customers, analyze risk, market and financial information and identify alternative solutions.
Cultural/Global Perspectives/Market Assessment: Judge the effectiveness of product management assisting in the development and implementation of the growth strategy for products and services.

Competency 3
Information Literacy/Communication: Synthesizes business line processes and controls used to monitor adherence to federal and state regulatory requirements assisting management in corrective plans.
Information Literacy/Communication: Evaluate the adequacy of business policies and procedures while maintaining a high level of awareness and knowledge of regulatory and banking law and compliance issues.

Upon completion of this curriculum, students will earn the following certificates:
  • Miami Dade College Banking Specialist College Credit Certificate
  • Miami Dade College Banking Operations College Credit Certificate
  • CFT Credit Analysis Certificate
  • ABA Certificate in Business and Commercial Lending

Accelerated Program Fee: $4200 vs. Regular Classroom Fee: $6000

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