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Get The Updated Workbook! 
We Are Now Distributing Edition #3!

This month we started delivery of Edition #3 of the Workbook. The rest of the materials [USB, patterns, projects, videos] remain unchanged. You can buy the updated version for $50.00 USD at our web-store. Shipping is included.

The basic projects remain unchanged. However, additional notes are included where we received feedback from customers.

Additional information is included in the "Hints, Tips & Techniques" section. The result is almost ten additional pages of information.

There are two ways you can determine the version of the workbook that you have. First, look at the copyright page on the inside of the front cover. The edition number is at the bottom of the page.

The second is to look at your book number, which can be seen near the bottom of page 44. If the book number begins with "3-xxx" then it is already the third version and there is no need to upgrade.

If you upgrade to edition #3, we are trusting you to destroy the previous version.
Enjoy your blessings!
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