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The Rosary: Your Weapon  for Spiritual Warfare
Today we face unprecedented challenges on every the world, in the Church, in our families, and in our marriages. We are in great need of saints. That is why, as St. Padre Pio said,
 "the rosary is the weapon of our time!" 

We invite you to join us in this online study as we journey through this new on-line study:  The Rosary: Your Weapon  for
Spiritual Warfare.

In this study, Johnnette Benkovic Williams teams up with 
Thomas K. Sullivan to explore why the Rosary is the weapon 
"f or such a time as this."

Together, they've gathered some of the most astonishing historical and contemporary accounts of victories associated with the Rosary, along with their own inspiring personal experiences.

Readers will discover insights that will enhance their own experience of the rosary, including special prayers based on the lives and writings of the saints who understood the power of this classic Catholic devotion.

This self-lead study will begin the week of October 7, 2018 
(the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary)! 

E-mail Reminders & Spiritual Encouragement! 

Each Monday, you will receive an email with reflection questions and a video.  The questions will cover the two strategies assigned for each week.  Because the book encompasses twelve chapters, you will receive an email for two strategies per week for six weeks. Included in the email each week will be a link to a video discussion between Johnnette Benkovic and Thomas K. Sullivan, 
co-authors of the book. 

Join Us for Two On-Line Discussions

Mondays at 2PM EST on:

October 8th & November 19th  

 Finally, we are pleased to offer the opportunity for online discussion and conferencing at 2 pm EST on Monday, October 8th, and November 19th, with Women of Grace® trained facilitators.  Although you will receive your final week's material on November 5, we will meet the following Monday, November 12, in order for you to have time to finish completing the study!

Study Materials Required: 

You will need to purchase a copy of  The Rosary: Your Weapon for Spiritual Warfare (if you do not already have it) 
as part of this study.  Also included are the online materials 
and study environment. If you already have the book, you only need the online materials. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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The Warrior Rosary in Hematite

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Available in both a semi-precious stone "genuine hematite" with its chainmail armor color, and a "Bohemian glass" with its deep Red color, both tying in the concept of knights and warriors.

Each piece is custom designed to embody the reality of a Spiritual Warrior in the Kingdom of God that every baptized Christian is called to be. Beginning with the Crucifix, made from Zamak material: a strong set of zinc and aluminum alloy in a silver antique finishing, this Crucifix takes the three scriptural images of the Word made flesh in the person of Jesus Christ, the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God, and the victory of the Cross, and combines them into a truly one-of-a-kind Crucifix.


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