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Make the Right Connections with Turck Cordsets

Connectivity is an essential part of your automation solution that ties everything together. We offer s ingle and dual ended cordsets, and panel mount receptacles for carrying both power and signal to your components and processes.  

Turck’s solutions provide a solid foundation for your applications with a high standard for quality and a fast and flexible approach, allowing you to make the right connections.

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Reliable Position Sensing with Inductive Linear Position Sensors

Amusement rides must be enjoyable while adhering to strict safety standards, often higher than conventional industrial plants. “After all, this ultimately involves passenger transport,” managing director Wolfgang Brück points out. The Flying Fish roundabout ride previously used five sensors on each hydraulic lift cylinder. Although this ensured safe operation, the installation of the sensors and their adjustment was relatively complex.

With Turck's solution, the five proximity switches for each hydraulic cylinder were replaced with a 1000 mm linear position sensor to detect the exact position of the arm.  "The LI sensor not only saves investment costs but increases the availability of the ride and helps to increase operational safety."

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Our Uprox3 Sensor Series Offers Compact Designs with the Largest Switching Distances for All Metals

Through a unique coil concept the uprox® sensors offer the highest switching distance for all metals and the highest operational safety through simple and safe installation.  Inductive sensors detect metal objects contactless and wear-free using ac high-frequency electromagnetic AC field that interacts with the target. Their strengths are the enormous durability, reliability, high switching frequencies and a long service life. 

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