Get Motivated to Submit Your Idea
In January, we kicked off the 2020 conference Call for Abstracts with a lightning talks-style event. You can now watch all the videos from the 8 presenters, and see what is the latest in security, tech advancements, communicating with your coworkers, and maximizing work flow. 

One important talk, by Bhushan Gupta , discussed security, and opened with the question, “Why should security be integrated into the development life cycle?” His answer: "Let's start with ‘How things get hacked…’”

Check out his talk, plus the 7 other presentations, and then consider submitting your own proposal for the 2020 conference in October.

This is your opportunity to share what you’ve been working on, which processes have helped your team, new ideas you’re implementing, and visions for the future of software quality.
We'll Miss You, Terri!
The administrator for PNSQC for the past 38 years, Terri Moore , is retiring in 2020. 

Many long-time conference attendees will remember Terri well: She’s the one who always steps in to help people through any bumps during the conference, handles your registration needs, and keeps the PNSQC business meetings moving. 

After many Octobers spent in Portland running the conference, she is looking forward to spending some time this Fall hiking the Swiss Alps.

If you have a moment, please email Terri at and let her know you appreciate her time spent with PNSQC.
Welcome to the Team, Robert!
We would like to offer a warm welcome to Robert Anderson , who will be undertaking the new position of administrator for PNSQC. 
Robert has over 20 years experience working in international business development in aerospace and medical device industries. He is excited to apply his strategic planning expertise and management-focused perspectives in a new way. 
Robert enjoys outdoor activities like traveling, mountain biking, backpacking, skiing, and motorsports in his free time.

If you see Robert at an upcoming PNSQC event or at the conference in October, be sure to say “Hi” and welcome him to the planning team.
PNSQC Appreciation
“This is my 10th year coming to the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference. I love this conference. I love the size of it, I love the focus of it, and I like the way that they go about picking the topics. I actually really appreciate the fact that they focus on doing papers, and publishing those papers because that gives some of us who don’t have ‘academic cred’ something that we can point to and go ‘look, here are things I’ve actually written and are published in proper proceedings under academic guidelines.’”
Michael Larsen , 2019 PNSQC paper presenter and
second place award winner for Best Presentation