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The heat that's coming for us with the much appreciated summer season is almost as hot as the demand for Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS).
The latest research shows that by the end of 2017 there will already be more than 600,000 people using a PERS. And not even five years from now, numbers are estimated to rise to nearly 12 million by 2021.
PERS units are separate from home security systems, and aren't just for the elderly who want to maintain their independence. Rather, all people who are at risk for falling, wandering off, or requiring emergency assistance are finding more of what they need with PERS.
In actuality, these people - though still mobile-oftentimes don't live with or near immediate family or friends, making the need even more prevalent.
And in terms of cost, PERS units are much more affordable than assisted living or nursing home care.
The market for PERS is rising by the day, and as leaders in dependable security options, we're ready to answer any questions you may have about the quickly evolving PERS technology.
To learn more about PERS, and to get in on our special offer below, please contact Cody by calling  (763) 477-3124 or emailing  cdecker@whirc.com at your convenience.
Bring on the heat!

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World-wide projections for the trend of mHealth devices show there is no sign of their demand slowing down. In fact, according to this article, " The market for monitored mHealth devices is on the rise globally from 2016 to 2021, and North America will be the largest market in the forecast period." 

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Buy 6 SentryPal units or Caretaker Sentry PERS systems and get 1 free! These products are from LogicMark - a recognized industry leader in 2-way voice communication

To take advantage of this limited-time offer, please call or email Cody at  (763) 477-3124 or cdecker@whirc.com.

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