April 2022

On A Mission To Connect Community


GE Trails needs you!

TRED has a great group of trail volunteers but more are needed to ensure that the trails and ground are well maintained for users. If you have extra time in your day or week to take on 1 or more of these tasks please contact Julie for more information.

Are you curious about where or how a certain trail will connect or maybe you've always wanted to visit _____ local trail but haven't yet. If that's you, please reach out to Julie with your questions and she's happy to meet and show you your trail in question so you can explore more places!


It's easy! Donate any amount to TRED and you will join the dozens of people who have already said that they love and support trails. As a TRED HEAD you will receive exclusive emails with trail news, discounts on TRED merch, early bird discounts to TRED events and the satisfaction that you are helping to add more miles of trails in Rome and Floyd County!

If you've already donated you know how great it feels to support TRED, the only non-profit trail advocacy organization in Northwest Georgia working tirelessly to expand, enhance, and educate citizens and leaders on the ways trails create a healthy community.

We are only $20K away from our goal, if you donate before 4.30.22, you will receive a TRED mug as a thank you gift!
Great things in business (and trails) are never done by one person, They're done by a team of people. We are grateful for our partners:
TRED Board of Directors:

Harry Brock, President
Jim Hunter, Treasurer
Steve Gunther
David Mathis
Strom Mull
Mark Webb

Connect with us:

706 844 8509

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