March 2016
Live Your Joy Institute News
Get Lucky

by Dr. Barbara Gulbranson
In an episode of my favorite TV show, The Blacklist, mastermind criminal Raymond Reddington explains luck to former FBI agent Liz Keen. He tells her that his friend was an art thief who promised his mother he would never steal a Picasso because she loved Picasso's work. One time when the thief was stealing masterpieces from a museum he came across a Picasso. While the temptation was great, he remembered his promise to his mom and did not take it. The thief considered it bad luck that here was this valuable painting that he could not acquire. It turned out, however, that the Picasso was wired to the police station and he would have been caught had he stolen it. With deep insight, Raymond tells Liz, "Sometimes bad luck is the best luck you will ever have."
Of course in New Thought we know there is no such thing as luck because our life unfolds exactly according to our thoughts and beliefs. However, what Raymond is saying is that it can be possible that things are working out for us even if they appear to be going wrong. This is what I call shake-ups that wake us. It's the transformational drama that brings us to a higher state of being - a higher vibration of love and light. While we are going through this transformational drama, we can know that everything that happens to us is for our greater good even if it doesn't seem so while we are experiencing it. So when something seems to be going wrong, keep the possibility in mind that in the bigger picture, in the grander scheme of things, something may be going right.
The obstacle, which you may view as the enemy, might possibly be your greatest friend. Think for a moment of the tadpole. I recently read somewhere that tadpoles require a huge obstacle within their environment, like a rock, to give them the incentive to climb up and split their tails so their legs can begin developing. Without this hurdle to offer resistance, they will not have the motivation to leap forward. Without the obstacle, the tadpole will not grow into a frog because they cannot learn to hop by swimming. A rock, the seeming obstacle, is vitally important to the tadpole's development.
We can learn a lot from the tadpole's experience. When a sharp, jagged rock appears in your path, for example, remember that it is there to help you grow and to carry you to the next stage of spiritual development. Just see the rock, bless it for showing up and realize that it is redirecting you to a better path. Know that there is a gift for greater growth in this opportunity and that you can continuously create new things in your life. Keep your focus on what you want and not what you don't want, and quietly observe what's happening while keeping firm in your faith.
Many coaching clients tell me that if it weren't for the obstacle they would not have awakened or come to a place of greater vision. Many of us spiritually minded people think we have to see what the lesson is in the seemingly negative experience. And we want to know right away. I tell my coaching clients instead of struggling to figure out the lesson, gather the gifts from the experience and move on in faith. Every seeming negative experience or negative interpersonal relationship offers us a gift for greater good in our lives. Many people don't see the gift until time has passed, but the gift is always present for you. Open your heart and trust that a Universal Power of Good is at work in all circumstances. Keep the faith no matter what the appearance. Surrender to Spirit and allow yourself to be in the Divine Flow no matter what is happening in the world of effects. Shift your vision and view life with gratitude and appreciation.
Thank you God for all of my life's experiences. I know that the Power of Good is behind all, in all and through all.
Allow your heart to open up and be receptive to whatever path Spirit is showing for you. Embrace all of life and live with wonder and in the magic of the moment. Don't resist the rock, don't fight it; just let it gently steer you to where you need to be going. The Universe will never let you down. Let the obstacle help you grow into the radiant spiritual being that you are just like the tadpole grows into the frog. Rest into the embrace of the Divine. Begin creating something new and wonderful in your life by centering your thoughts on what you want to manifest. And like our friend Raymond Reddington advises, take comfort knowing that what seems like bad luck may be the best luck you have ever had.
Peace to all.
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