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Good Earth is a local, family owned produce and garden center that specializes in providing the freshest and tastiest local fruits, veggies, clean meats, free range eggs, and dairy from local farmers. We also support local bakers, families, and artisans by selling amazing homemade breads, casseroles and sweets, oils, jarred goodies, dried goods, soaps, candles, and oh so much more! Over the years, our faithful customers have repeatedly requested non-local produce that cannot be grown in our area, so we provide these products too. This time of year, you'll find our greenhouse full of gorgeous ready-
to-plant spring flowers, hanging baskets, herbs, and veggies as well as houseplants and succulents. You can get almost anything else on-line or at the big box stores, but get the freshest produce and most beautiful plants right here at Good Earth. Experience the CSRA's little secret that's not a secret anymore! We were voted Best Produce 2018 by readers of the Augusta Magazine and are One of the Top 10 Best Farmers Markets in Georgia according to Yelp!

It's Grapefruit Season!
Cynthia F Catts,  RD, LD
Our grapefruit is DELISH!!! It's so tart and refreshing, whether you eat it as is, sectioned in a salad, juiced, grilled, or sliced as a cocktail topper!! If eaten regularly, you'll be getting your vitamin C with just a few calories! An average size grapefruit has around 70 calories for the whole thing!! Plus- this citrus fruit offers other health benefits as well!!

Research suggests that it may:
 Protect against cancers of the prostate, lung and colon
 Support immune function (we all know that!!!)
 Lower bad cholesterol (LDL)

Our grapefruits have a nice thick skin and a heavy weight. These two characteristics ensure a juicier fruit. Our sweet grapefruits don't need sugar added. A healthy way to eat grapefruit is by appreciating its natural subtle sweetness. It's important, however, to be cautious with grapefruit when taking specific medications, as some of the substances in grapefruit can affect absorption and metabolism of certain drugs such as statins, some blood pressure medicines, and cyclosporin. The potential result is that the effects of the drugs can be multiplied. Read the package insert included with your medication, or ask your pharmacist or physician.
The Farmer's Market
True Southern Hospitality Means Cake

That's our philosophy, anyways, and we're proud to back it up with an ever rotating selection of AMAZING cakes. On any given day, you'll be able to choose from a selection of close to ten different flavors! Our gorgeous cakes are hand-made daily by a local baker and delivered straight to our coolers, so every bite you take is perfectly moist and fresh. It's as if you'd baked it yourself, except you don't have to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen only to end up disappointed and a little jaded about the realities of home baking. If you haven't tried all of our available flavors yet, you can sample to your heart's delight because we offer all of our cakes by the slice, as well as the entire cake! Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart? Don't make the same mistake. Plus, this year, we are so excited to offer a Master's themed cake! This beautiful Masterspiece will feature tiers of yellow, green, and white layers to delight and impress your house guests or your husband while he watches golf from his recliner. Make sure you call or stop by the store to place your Master's cake order. And, don't forget, Easter is right around the corner! We'll be taking orders all spring, so no matter the occasion, make sure you don't show up without cake. 
Our Greenhouse
Time to stock your porches!

Whether your porch is large and sunny or small and covered, we have the flowers and ferns you need to make it Master's ready and stunning. It's not a competition, but you'd better make sure your porch looks nicer than your passive aggressive neighbor's. Our ferns are bigger, greener, and more loved than any other ferns in Augusta, and that makes a difference on your porch! Pick up a Boston fern so lush you'll want to crawl inside it and nap, or take home a stately Kimberly Queen whose tendrils don't mind being caressed by the sun. For color, we have flowers that bush, climb, sprawl, and hang. Hibiscus, mandevilla, California daisy, and so much more will delight your senses and those of your guests. Plus, don't forget your indoor plants! The amazing collection that you know and love is still available. Fiddle leaf figs, orchids, indoor palms, and bromeliads make lovely and classic statements. If you're feeling overwhelmed by choices, or you just don't care about plants at all, hand it over to our knowledgeable staff! Despite the odds, they haven't gotten sick  of plants yet, and they are eager to load up your cart with the perfect flowers and ferns for your porch and home. This time of year, trucks are arriving around the clock with new bedding, potted, and hanging plants, so you're sure to find whatever it is that you're looking for here in the garden center!

Good Earth Produce & Garden Center

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