Izzy Barish performs the Airplane on the cadillac.
"It is the spirit which shapes the body."  Jos eph H. Pilates
We won!  
June Hines

June Hines Pilates in Jenkintown won the Best Winter Window Display decorating  contest for 2016.  June accepted the award at the jbiztowngroup dinner.  

We are proud to be a part of the Jenkintown community and participate in  the activities of the borough.  


Pilates Challenge of the Month:  

For the month of January our challenge to you was to commit to six lessons or classes for January.  We had several who rose to the challenge and made 6 or more Pilates sessions in the month of January:
Marcia Basarab, Cynthia Christensen, Mary Alice Cullinan, Randy Harrison, Heide Cunning, Hilary Gray, Rosemary Hinkle, Tracey Howard, Rob Hudson, Julie Kenney, Heather Lampe, Mel Mason, Kit McCarty, Carol Miller, Carrie O'Brian, Marianne Retif, Mim Rieders, Eve Rosemnbaum, Mary Ann Sells, Deborah Shapiro, Joan Shore, Jackie Shulman, Marianne Tierney, Arlene Weismann & Jane Williams.  Congratulations on accomplishing our "Challenge of the Month".  If I have left anyone out please let me know.  I would like to offer each of you a free MELT Introductory Workshop.  Look at the schedule and let me know when you can take advantage in this next month.
For February 2017 we offer this Challenge:  Perform 3 Pilates exercises every day in the month of February.  It can be different exercises each day but 3 exercises that are good for your body.  The reporting on this one will be through you as we can't monitor this.  Email us at junehinespilates@verizon.net at the end of the month and let us know if you have risen to this challenge.  Happy moving!
June Hines
Pilates and You!
June Hines will be participating in three upcoming workshops/seminars.  First she will be at Anthony Rabara's studio in Princeton, another Romana's Pilates studio.  Anthony is hosting 2 physical therapists to present and inform us on specific areas of the body as related to Pilates.  

June will also be attending Joe Musculino's Cadaver Lab Review on March 5th at the University of Connecticut at Bridgeport for a review of anatomy in a cadaver lab setting.

On March 12th June Hines will be attending Gil Hedley's lecture in NYC on "What's the Fuzz".  This lecture will focus on the fascial system of the body.  June most recently spent a week with Gil Hedley at the Rutgers University of Medical School in Newark.  This 5 day workshop was in June 2016 and June Hines investigated the entire human anatomy.

Integrative Massage Method with Sharon Michels
Enjoy your introductory massage with Sharon Michels for $50 and each subsequent massage for $85.  And, after your first massage don't forget to take advantage of Sharon's "Refer a Friend" program - ask Sharon for more details. 
Visit her website here.
Jenkintown Studio
Mat Class:
Mon/Wed 12-1pm Basic/Int
Int. Mon. 6-7pm; Tues/Fri 12-1pm 
Wed/Thurs 7-8pm Int.
Apparatus Class:
Basic/Int. Level:
Mon 5-6pm
Tues. 12-1 *
 2-3 * & 7-8pm
Fri 9-10am
I ntermediate Level:
Tues 2-3pm
Wed. 1-2pm & 6-7pm
Fri. 8-9am
Advanced Level:
Mon. 1-2* &  2-3*pm

MELT Introductory Workshop
Sun. Feb. 5th 2:30-4:00pm
Wed. Mar. 1st 5:45-7:15pm
Regular Follow Up classes: Mondays 7-8pm

*Designates NEW Classes  
If you have suggestions or requests for classes and times in which to offer them send us an email.

Doylestown Studio
Mat Class:
Mon/Wed 6-7pm  Int.
Apparatus Class:
Basic/Int. Level
Mon. 12* noon/Fri 9*am
Thurs. 7-8pm
Saturday 11-12 noon
Intermediate Level
Mon/Thurs 5-6pm
Saturday 10-11am
MELT Introductory Workshop
Sat. Feb. 4th 1:30-3pm
Tues. Mar. 7th 6-7:30pm
Regular Follow Up Classes: 
Saturdays 2-3pm

See below in the next block of our newsletter how you can begin scheduling your classes online.

Online Scheduling 
We'd like to announce that you can schedule your lessons and classes online.  We are happy to help you with your scheduling but wanted to give the opportunity to control your scheduling of lessons and classes.  With this option you will go to our website junehinespilates.com and navigate to Schedule - Rates and then to Attend A Class.  If you have been to our studio before, you will already have an account within our system.  You will be prompted to register to create a user name and password to access your  account.  With this option you can schedule or cancel within a 24 hour window.  You can pay for your classes online as well.  If you try this and are not successful let us know and we will help you through the process.
February Special
One Private Pilates Session, One Apparatus Class, and One Pilates Mat Class for $100 (a $140 value)

Email or call us to schedule your lesson and take advantage of this special offer!  (This offer can be purchased as a gift or for a friend or family member)
purchase by 2/28/2017 and use by 3/31/2017