Winter 2020
Get Moving SSF!
Greetings Get Moving participants!

This is the Winter 2020 Pre-Session email, the first in the series of 10 check-ins for the Winter 2020 Quarter that are dedicated to giving you helpful ideas on adapting a healthy lifestyle. In this email you'll find tips for surviving holiday celebrations and information on re-applying for the Winter 2020 Get Moving SSF scholarship.
The holiday season can be overwhelming and wreak havoc on the positive health habits you worked so hard to achieve. Here are two tips to help guide you through the gauntlet of holiday temptations.

1. Plan ahead for that upcoming party or long day of shopping and visitations. Eat a small snack or meal that includes some protein before leaving home. It will keep you satiated and help you avoid over-consumption of those tempting treats. Some suggested snack ideas include sandwiches or small salads with fish, eggs, soy products, peanut or almond butter, trail mix, hummus.

2. Is your favorite activity unachievable due to holiday cancellations, inclement weather or simply because of the lack of time due to extra holiday tasks? Your home can substitute as an opportune workout environment.

For cardio work, consider 10 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity of any of the following: stair climbing, cleaning the house quickly, jumping rope, dancing to your favorite music. For strength exercises, do living room push-ups or planks, squats, standing leg lifts and heel raises. Grab 2- to 8-pound weights and do 10 minutes of shoulder presses, side lifts, bicep curls, and triceps extensions. Include stretching with mindful breathing throughout your day to prevent muscle stiffness and release tension and stress.
Check out these Kaiser Permanente sites for simple stretches and other helpful holiday health tips .

If you do slip this holiday season, don’t be discouraged. A brand new day, (and year), is coming with plenty of opportunities to make that beneficial choice. So leave the past behind, move on and Get Moving to a Healthier YOU!
If you signed up for Get Moving SSF in the Fall, you can re-apply now for the 2020 Winter scholarship! Applicants can apply up to two times until August 31, 2020. This is a great opportunity to try out a different fitness class or activity, or keep taking one that you have enjoyed. You will also continue to receive newsletters like this one that will include several new health tips and revisit a few popular ones from the previous session.

Re-Applying is Easy
  • Check out the Winter Activity Guide for the fitness activities or classes you are interested in. There are over 100 exciting activity selections to choose from ranging from boot camp to golf, and ballet to salsa!

  • Complete a paper registration form indicating which class you are interested in taking and write "Get Moving SSF" on your form. The scholarship funds up to $50 off an eligible recreation class. Most fitness and dance classes are eligible for the Get Moving SSF! scholarship. Applicants must pay the difference if the program or activity cost is greater than the scholarship award.

  • Turn in your Registration form directly to the Parks and Recreation Department office at 33 Arroyo Drive.

The Recreation Department’s upcoming holiday schedule
  • Closed: Monday, December 23 to Friday, December 27. 
  • Modified Office Hours: Tuesday, December 31 from 8 a.m.-12 p.m.
  • Closed: Wednesday, January 1.
  • Classes Begin: Monday, January 6, 2020

Questions? Feel free to call us at (650) 829-3800.
Happy & Healthy Holiday Season
Keep in Touch!
Congratulations on your commitment to investing in a healthier lifestyle through the Get Moving SSF program this year! We wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season and hope to see you back next year.

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