Kelly Green

Get Out of Your CAGE!
“Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do” Luke 23:34
So many of us have become caged up. We have been imprisoned by mental bars of emotional hurt, trauma and wounding. We rehearse over and over again our victimhood. I’ve known people that daily are still rehearsing their hurt over their divorce, family squabbles, church politics, miss use and abuse, friendship sellouts, business abuse for Decades! They put on their hurt like they put on their clothing each day. They wear this garb of, my dad hurt me, my friend sold me out, my husband wounded me, my church is indifferent to me, my business partner sold me out, I was abused so I’m going to cloak myself in my wounds. They go about their day reliving their hurtful past. They beat themselves up, again and again, rehearsing the past and negating the medicine of love. For some, this becomes their identity… how sad.
Jesus, however, wants them to wear peace, joy, and enter a fulfilling life. He wants to heal them and shower them with the medicine of love, so that they may shower others with the same. We need to get out of our cages, renew our minds, and break down those mental bars that keep us in our cocoons, through a vital connection with Jesus Christ. If you make Christ first, every day, others second and yourself last, you will find the Power, guaranteed.
God always empowers this simple equation. It works when you work it!
This is finding empowered contentment amidst your adversity… God provides peace, joy, fulfillment. As you learn to cooperate, put away your resistance, trust in His daily grace, through a living faith, you will become an instrument in the hands of God. It’s not easy, it’s not even fair, but it works when you work in conjunction with the medicine of love—Jesus Christ in me—redeeming my thoughts, feelings, emotions and habits!
Those who truly discover that this is what Christianity really is and open their lives to the presence of this kind of Lord and Savior will find and experience true peace, joy and fulfillment! May that be you and me!
When I am out in God’s creation-this is what He speaks to my soul!

Jim Hohnberger
Empowered Living Ministries
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