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October 2016

On November 8th–

Employees want to know how government policies will affect their employers, and by extension their jobs. It could be said that business leaders have an obligation to share with employees credible, accurate information on how public policies might affect the company. Over 75% of respondents to a survey of employees from a variety of industries indicated that employer provided information was useful in deciding how to vote and over a quarter said it made them more likely to vote. 

You cannot tell employees who to vote for but it is perfectly legal for employers to communicate with employees and to make it very clear what you believe is in their best interest of your business and therefore their job and their future. It is important to emphasize that first and foremost, any decision about which candidates to support is theirs and theirs alone. Encourage employees and allow them time to vote on November 8th. 

For information on federal level candidates and other helpful election information go to and encourage employees to go to 

Voter Registration Deadlines

In New Hampshire - You may register at the polls on Election Day by 5pm

In Vermont - The application to register must be received by 5:00 PM on the Wednesday immediately prior to the day of an election in order to vote in that election. Check with your Town clerks’ offices for hours.

Medical Marijuana and the Workplace

Since New Hampshire’s medical marijuana law became effective on July 23, 2013, all of the New England states now permit certain individuals to possess and use marijuana for therapeutic purposes. Increasingly, ABC employers have inquired about complying with the law. Under the New Hampshire law, possession and use of limited amounts of marijuana (up to 2 ounces) is lawful as long as the marijuana is obtained from a State-licensed non-profit dispensary and the user has a qualifying medical condition and a current identification card authorizing the possession and use. The law decriminalizes the possession and use of marijuana under very limited circumstances for individuals with a qualifying medical condition.

Do Not Overlook ABC
Cost Saving Opportunities–

Membership does not cost, it saves!

All businesses are focused on operating as efficiently as possible and seeking cost saving opportunities.  ABC has many tangible cost savings programs available to help support efforts to reduce operating costs. Go to for more information about the cost savings opportunities. During 2016 NH/VT members saved over $500,000 by participating in various cost savings programs.

Employee Wage and Benefit 
Survey Data to be Collected

The NH/VT ABC Chapter will soon begin collecting data for its annual Wage & Benefit survey. Over the next several week’s members will receive surveys and a reminder that your company participation is encouraged. This anonymous survey is the only one of its kind available in our area. The survey data is extremely important to members’ efforts to understand current wage and benefit practices and to maintain competitive practices to attract and retain quality employees. In addition to ABC Members, the results are made available to owners who may be purchasing construction services and are subjected to union campaigns that include inaccurate statements about merit shop wage and benefit practices. The survey results provide factual data to counter the anecdotal references made by union representatives. The survey results are also used in the legislative arena and other public policy decision making forums to provide documented evidence of the wage and benefit practices of merit shop contractors. 

Your survey response is important to assure we receive enough data to provide as much information for as many employee classifications as possible. Watch your ABC communications for survey request and please contact the Chapter Office with any questions or if you would like to receive a copy of last year’s survey results.

Upcoming Networking Events

Everyone Is A Winner on October 27th
On Thursday, October 27, at the Manchester Country Club, Associated Builders and Contractors of NH/VT will be holding its Annual Excellence In Construction Awards ceremony and business development reception. Join over 300 owners, architects, contractors and others who will be in attendance for business development and to “stay in touch” with industry peers. It is an important annual program that has become the number one business development opportunity for construction industry professionals in our region.  We encourage representatives from your company to attend the October 27 event and share in the networking opportunity and recognition of the outstanding achievements performed by construction professionals every day. For more information and to register or sponsor this event click here.
Upcoming Webinars

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016 

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