As we settle in for the spring 2022 semester, we are cautiously optimistic for a return to some sense of normalcy after the last two years of uncertainty. Below are some headlines from the Guild.
To Mask or Not to Mask
For up-to-date information about COVID-19 from the district and from L.A. County Public Health, click here. From that link, you can submit questions or concerns. In terms of our district’s protocols, Board Policy 2800 (mask mandate) and Board Policy 2900 (vaccination mandate) remain in place. We are closely watching the State Legislature and the governor for their intent to extend the state of emergency or to rescind it.
Your voice matters! The District COVID Response Team has emailed a three-question survey to all employees via your work email. Take a minute to respond.

It's About Time!
The Guild, in collaboration with the LACCD Labor Caucus, has negotiated 24 hours of COVID-19 wellness leave in addition to the state-legislated 80 hours of COVID paid supplemental leave. Please visit the district website to obtain a leave-of-absence request form. One hundred and four hours of leave are “use-it-or-lose-it.” The 24 hours of leave expire May 15. The 80 hours of state-legislated leave expire September 15.
We continue to bargain for more assistance for faculty. In addition, Guild members can access a free benefit for themselves and their families: AFT National Trauma Care.