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April 2019
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Get Ready for Maximum Productivity
We're at the starting line of the busiest part of the season. It's time to set yourself up for maximum success in the weeks ahead!
Here are some tips to help you prepare:
Set Boundaries. Avoid burnout by scheduling all your time effectively.   That means scheduled work time and family time without distractions. And never, ever wasted time. Eliminate bad habits so you can focus on what's important.
Sell at Full Price.   Never discount during peak sales times. Rising costs mean rising prices. Customers will accept this because they want the work done.   Don't forget add-ons and upgrades either!
Play to Your Strengths. Don't say "yes" to everything.   Avoid projects that overwhelm with details and distractions. Drive your business towards what you like and what you're good at.
Work Hard & Work Smart.   Be intentional in the customers and jobs you take. This is the easiest time of year to score the best profits.   Bank some money while the economy is strong, pay down debt and restock your winter fund.
Let us know what we can do to help you crush it!
The Team at Normac

New Luxor® Lighting Controller Offers Total App-Based Configuration and Calendar-Based Programming
The all-new Luxor controller combines power, performance, and premium appeal into one next-generation lighting control device that represents the future of lighting design.
In addition to incorporating zoning, dimming, and color into a single controller, Luxor can now create up to 40 distinct themes, and comes preset with convenient calendar- based programming, timed sunrise and sunset offsets, and dual 15V outputs.
The new Luxor app provides total cloud- based remote system control as well as the ability to set schedules directly from a smartphone, eliminating the need to interact directly with the controller facepack to make changes. Optional wireless control is available with the use of the add-on Wi-Fi module or pre-installed LAN module.
Rain Bird Updates R-VAN Rotary Nozzle Line   

Rain Bird has reworked and expanded the line of R-VAN Rotary Nozzles to offer superior features and performance across Adjustable, Full Circle, and Strip models.  
Contact your Normac representative for more information.

R-VAN Rotary Nozzles = Performance. Redefined.

- Full-Line Matched Precipitation Rate
- Hand Adjustable
- Debris Flushing
- Larger Water Streams
The Zurn Wilkins 720A Pressure Vacuum Breaker delivers years of unparalleled service in high hazard back-siphonage conditions, preventing contaminated water from entering the potable supply.

The 720A is available in 1/2" - 2" sizes, and can be installed in left or right-hand orientation for installation versatility.

Zurn Wilkins products designed for long term reliability and repair, not for replacement, with affordable repair kits readily available at our stores. With simple internal components, the 720A is to maintain and repair. The bronze bonnet provides superior durability and a higher level of freeze resistance, while the UV resistant polymer canopy resists cracking.

Choose the reliability and superior protection of the 720A for your next installation.
Install a French Drain in Half The Time!
Use EZ Flow from NDS   

EZ Flow Gravel Free French Drain System from NDS is proven to cut labor costs by 50% OR MORE - Try it for FREE - up to 50' from NDS.
The revolutionary EZ Flow gravel free french drain system from NDS is used in place of traditional gravel, pipe and trench liner combination for a variety of drainage applications.  
On a typical 50' French drain system, EZ Flow can be installed in under 10 minutes once the trench is dug.   This is an incredible labor savings that can allow contractors to double their efficiency.   There is no messy gravel clean up after the job - another key benefit that saves time.   Click here for a video that takes you through a side by side installation comparison of both EZFlow and a traditional French drain.  
To encourage you to see the difference, NDS is offering a free trial on the product.    Over 3,000 contractors have taken advantage of the EZflow Free Trial offer and more than 80% have used the product again after trying it.
Go to the NDS website to see case studies of EZ Flow installations, read technical data, check out a video and see common applications for the product.   Be sure to contact your local distributor about the NDS free product trial and get started saving money today!

How Much Solvent Cement Should You Order?

The two factors that determine the amount of cement you need for a PVC project are pipe diameter and the number of joints in the project.  

As a general rule of thumb, the amount of primer you need is approximately half the amount of solvent cement.
Estimate the easy way using The Cement Quantity Calculator on the Weld-On Toolbox mobile app or try the desktop version, both available for download in the technical section of the Weld-On website.