March  2016

*First place winners in each grade will win $100

           The schools with the highest percentage of entries will also be winners:
*  1ST Place School Wins a $500.00 CASH PRIZE!
*  2ND Place School Wins a $300.00 CASH PRIZE!
*  3RD Place School Wins a $200.00 CASH PRIZE!
Last year hundreds of Jeffco students wrote stories and poems and competed for prizes. This year, we hope for even more!

This year's prompt:
Imagine that you found a time machine.  Would you travel to the past, or the future?  Where would you go?  Would you take someone with you, or travel alone?   How many stops would you make? 

In 500 words or less, tell us about your time machine adventure!  Realistic and fantastical stories and poems are all welcome.  Use your historical or scientific knowledge to envision the past or the future, or just use your imagination!

Would you:
. . . help a WWI spy sneak documents across no man's land?
. . . play 22nd Century baseba ll with your own great-grandchildren?
. . . take a famous scientist back in time to see if you could save the     
     dinosaurs together?
. . . become a gladiator in the Roman Coliseum? 
. . . visit the future and take a vacation on Mars?
. . . journey to Middle Earth? 
. . . be a warrior of a Make Believe Land?  Or Walk amongst the Spirit    
. . . or something else?

The Jeffco Writing Challenge is open to all
 Jefferson County School students in K-12

Poetry, short stories, non-fiction or dramas
 (up to 500 words max) are all welcome

Deadline for submissions is March 29, 2016

Please no paired grades submitted together this year
Each writer must do their own work!

To submit your entry, please send the actual hard copy of your story to:

Grade Number___(Add your grade here, K to 12)
P.O. Box 688
Golden, CO 80402

Any questions, please call 800-978-4290 or 720-354-1444 
or email or write to  Barbara  Banning, ENC Director,

Please don't forget to download and sign
 3rd Annual JWC Permission Slip 
to send in with your child's entry!

Have fun writing everybody!!!


Writers Gather Together to Learn and Have Fun
at ENC's Second Writing Workshop!

Writers of all ages spent a Saturday morning in January 
 learning to boost their stories with well developed 
plots, fascinating characters, and gripping dialogue.

The creativity and energy was amazing!

K-3rd Grade With Author/Teacher Willow George Seely

3rd-6th Grade With Teacher/Author Jody Thomas

10th Grade-ADULT With Authors Christine Liu-Perkins 
& Laura Padgett

Did you miss it?  Or just can't get enough?
Look for another Workshop coming up in October 2016!


The Winners of Our Three Amazing Holiday Gift Baskets!!!
Over $1,750 worth of Holiday Cheer 
Basket #1 Winner Jennifer Kissler
Basket #2 Winner
Tracy Hagelund
Basket #3 Winner
Jan Young

Prizes include gifts from:
                           B&B EA Publications - "Cracking the System:
Study Skills for Teens" Books $39
                 Colorado Railroad Museum - 6 Family Four Packs $180
Dinosaur Ridge - Family Four Pack $32
Destination Dance - 2 $60 Gift Certificates $120
A Touch for Wellness - 4 Massages, Facial and Acupuncture $425
Jefferson County Fairgrounds - 2 Nights Camping $80
Jefferson Symphony Orchestra - 2 Season Passes $198
Jumpstreet - 2 Passes for One Hour Sessions $24
     Love and Logic - Parenting Package for Ages 7-12 $60
                       Meyer Hardware - 2 $50 Gift Certificates $100
Spyderco - (Pocket Knife) Native 5 $139.95
"Roses" Photograph by Ronnie Seagren $60
Clothe Art of Downtown Golden by Corinne Nichols $15
Glass Art from Mariposa Glass Designs $32
Greeting Cards from Jesse Crock $6
2 Artistic Water Colored Book Markers $6
Clay Art from Carroll Fennell $34
Clay Rose Vase from Mike & Judy Cramer $20
"Pika Gathering Grass" Photograph by Bob Rozinski $45
"Crane" Photograph by Andrew Kelly $20
Decorative Coffee Mugs from Village Gourmet $20
The Craft Box - Gift Certificate $25
Runner's High - 2 $25 Gift Certificates 
Laura Padgett - "Chicken Soup for the Soul, Merry Christmas" Book $14.95 
Look for another Holiday Raffle Coming In December 2016!

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