Hello Friends!
We're happy to say that, despite the see-saw nature of the weather recently, the early stages of Spring Nesting Season are most definitely underway. We're already hearing reports of local birds exhibiting pre-nesting courtship behavior and even some actual nest construction. We're rapidly approaching that happy time of year: Nesting Season!

And just when you thought things could not get any more exciting, we also have a nice line-up of special bird walks, seminars, kayaking excursions, and native plant sales planned for you this Spring.  

Aren't we lucky to have so many different ways to enjoy this glorious season? Let's get busy! 
New Hours: Southport

Happy Spring!

Our Southport store is now open:
Monday - Saturday
10:00 - 4:00

Hours at our Wilmington location will remain the same.
Nesting Season Basics

Want to offer prime nesting opportunities to our local birds? Now is a great time to get those new nest boxes up and to clean out any existing boxes that you may already have .

Many birds prefer particular locations, types, and/or sizes for their houses: come in and let us help you pick out the right nest boxes and locations for the birds that visit your yard. 

While many types of birds will readily nest in a nest box, there are some that typically won't. Northern Cardinals are an example of a bird that is more likely to build a nest in one of your shrubs than in a bird house. For these birds, you can  make your yard an attractive nesting option  by providing a dependable supply of fresh seed and water. If these birds are aware of a good, reliable food source, they will be more likely to nest nearby. We offer many types of seed, seed blends, and suet - they are the freshest in town and a real treat for your birds. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you choose the right food for your  nesting  and visiting birds.

When adding or replacing plants in your landscape, consider native plants. They'll provide a natural food source for a variety of wildlife, are adapted to thrive in our region, and will beautify your surroundings. You can learn more about bird-friendly native plants for our area at Audubon NC's website, and you can find them at our native plant sales throughout the season.

We also have a full array of poles, hooks, and other hardware to help you install any type of house or feeder with style, flexibility, and ease. Stop in today and let us help you  get your yard  ready for this exciting  season!
Native Plant Sales

We are delighted to be teaming up with wonderful local growers Joyce and Mindy from Going Native Gardens to offer a full schedule of Native Plant Sales this Spring! Choosing native plants is one of the best ways to provide natural food and habitat for our area's birds and butterflies; stop by and pick out some plants that will encourage a variety of beneficial wildlife to visit your garden oasis!

 Click here for the most current sale schedule, and check back often - we'll be adding more sales throughout the year!

Our next Native Plant Sales will be:
Thursday March 14 | 10 - 12:30 | Southport
Saturday March 16  |  10 - 12:30  | Wilmington
Special Program with Leland Parks & Rec: Spring Nesting Birds
Begins March 28

Do you ever wonder what birds are nesting in your backyard? (FYI: These are Cardinal eggs.) We're joining with Leland Parks and Recreation to offer a special lecture and birdwalk series focusing on the spring nesting birds that are in our region and probably in your yard.

Lecture and walks will take place on Thursdays, March 28 - April 11 from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.  Resident Fee: $35; Non-Resident Fee: $45.

To learn more or to register, please visit the Town of Leland Parks and Recreation website.
Birding Kayaking Excursions

Feeling adventurous? Join Wild Bird & Garden and    Mahanaim Adventures  for some memorable birding out on our local waters. Excursions are $55 per person, and include all kayak equipment and guide services. Single and tandem boats are available for all excursions, and all skill levels are welcome. To register, call Mahanaim Adventures: (910) 547-8252 or reserve  through their website.

Our 2019 Birding/Kayaking Schedule:

April 12 (Fri) Cape Fear Osprey Nest Tour (8:30 - 12)
April 30 (Tue) Town Creek Tour (8:30 - 12)
August 23 (Fri) Cape Fear Wading Birds Tour (8:30 - 12)
September 13 (Fri) Full Moon Owl Prowl Tour (5 - 9)
October 1 (Tue) Masonboro Island Tour (8:30 - 12)
Southport Seminar Series

This spring, join us at our Southport location on the first Wednesday morning of each month for a special series of entertaining and educational programs on some of our most-requested seasonal topics.

Seminar topics and dates:

April 3 | 9 - 10 | Nesting Birds
May 1 | 9 - 10 | Hummingbirds
June 5 | 9 - 10 | Birds & Native Plants*
*There will be a special native plant sale after the June seminar!
Bluebird Bed & Breakfast Special: Final Days!

Offer your bluebirds a cozy home and a delicious meal.

For a limited time, buy any bluebird house and receive 500 live mealworms FREE. Just in time for nesting season, live mealworms are one of the the best ways to bribe bluebirds to spend quality time in your yard. We have a nice variety of house styles available at both locations! Special ends March 16.
Join Us for Our March Bird Walks!

Airlie Bird Walk 
Wednesday, March 13 | 8:00 - 9:30 am
Meet in Airlie Gardens Main Parking Lot
Join us for a free guided bird walk through the varied and beautiful habitats at  Airlie Gardens. We'll expect to see a nice variety of our year-round resident birds, a few winter ducks, returning Ospreys, and a few early-Spring arrivals. Regular Airlie admission applies, or you can pick up a $2 discount voucher for the walk at Wild Bird & Garden.

Southport Bird Walk
Wednesday, March 20 | 8:30 - 9:30
Meet at Wild Bird & Garden Southport, 105 E Brown Street
Join Wild Bird & Garden staff for a birding stroll around Southport's historic downtown and waterfront areas. This walk is free and open to all!
As always, we thank you for reading. We look forward to seeing you at some of our upcoming events, and we hope that you're just as thrilled about the arrival of  nesting  season as we are. We're happy to answer any questions you have about birds and their nests, and are excited to help you  get everything you need for lots of successful nests right in your yard. With a knowledgeable staff and a large variety of houses, hardware, feeders, and food, we want Wild Bird & Garden to be your one-stop nesting shop!

Happy Birding!
  Jill and the  Wild Bird & Garden Team

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