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February 2023
February Update
It's February, and we can already tell this is going to be a great year! There are updates to the AG website, a brand-new SAMHSA grant for children and youth providers, and a very special announcement regarding our Founder & CEO, Jennifer Flowers! Read on to learn more and see what events are in the works.
The Importance of an Annual Plan

Creating an annual plan takes your long-term goals and divides them into more manageable pieces. Learn more about creating your organization's annual plan by clicking the link below.

The Business Council of Westchester represents more than 1,000 members in Westchester, New York's business community. During their New Years Bash, they presented Jennifer with the Ambassador of the Year Award! As a volunteer ambassador, she helps new BCW members navigate and get the most out of their membership. We are so proud of her for achieving this hard-earned recognition; well done, Jennifer!
CARF Update
The 2023 CARF standards manuals are now available! Changes include:
  • A specific population designation for Transition Age Youth
  • Crisis standards arranged into a continuum of Crisis Contact Center, Crisis Intervention, and Crisis Stabilization programs and updated to be more reflective of current changes in the crisis field
  • Updated telehealth standards and an accreditation process for completely virtual programs
SAMHSA Grant Opportunities
For public and private non-profit providers of treatment and service systems for traumatized children, youth, and their families. Applications due by March 27.

For non-profit, community-based providers to establish or expand ACT for transition-aged youth and adults. Applications due by April 10.
Opioid Addiction Medication Assisted Treatment Update
The Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment Act now permits any DEA-registered prescriber of controlled substances to offer buprenorphine treatment to patients with opioid use disorder and has eliminated the need for a special prescribing license (aka the X-Waiver).
Foster Care Providers
The Child Welfare Information Gateway has authored a fact sheet helping foster care youth speak up to better participate in their own case planning - Using Your Voice: A Guide for Youth on Participating in Case Planning.
Is Your Facility Registered With SAMHSA's is a national online SAMHSA resource for persons seeking treatment for mental and substance use disorders. Click here for the registration form for facilities wanting to be listed on this resource.
Continuing and Higher Education Accreditation
Accreditation Guru has consultants who are experts with multiple regional and national accrediting bodies for institutions offering continuing education and training and higher education. These experts can assist with your institution’s accreditation needs!
Licensing Assistance
Whether you are applying for a license or working on resolving cited licensing violations, Accreditation Guru is here to help!
Accreditation: Getting Started!
Starting this month, AG will be hosting a FREE, three-part webinar series on how to successfully set up your organization for accreditation. We'll cover accreditation basics, choosing the right accrediting body, and common challenges for organizations pursing accreditation. You can sign up for one, two, or all three of these 30-minute, interactive webinars! Click here for more information and to register.
We were happy to be a trusted partner with these organizations as they achieved accreditation. Their hard work has paid off and we are celebrating their commitment to quality care!
COA Accredited - January 2023
Located in Williston, North Dakota, Eckert Youth Homes is a Christian-based residential treatment facility for adolescents between the ages of 14 - 18. Their approach to addiction treatment focuses on the medical, biological, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of the individual, so they can recover effectively and go on to lead healthy and meaningful lives.
CARF Accredited - January 2023
ZOE International is based in Santa Clarita, California, and has made it their ongoing mission to rescue children from human trafficking and end the practice for good. They work to prevent human trafficking, as well as rescue, and restore victims so they can go on to have a safe and bright future.
Virtual - FREE
Accreditation: Getting Started! - Accreditation 101
This first webinar in the three-part series will overview the basics of accreditation and accrediting bodies' expectations for achieving your accredited status. Click here to register!
February - March
28 - 2
Austin, TX
Extended Reach National Conference
Jennifer will be presenting, "How Best to Leverage Your Accredited Status," and sponsoring this Austin, TX conference. Schedule some time to speak with Jennifer one-on-one, or click here to visit the conference website.
Virtual - FREE
Accreditation: Getting Started! - Choosing the Right Accrediting Body
In part two, we'll be exploring the similarities and differences between multiple national accrediting bodies to help identify which would be the best fit for your organization. Click here to register!
Virtual - FREE
Accreditation: Getting Started! - Challenges on the Road to Accreditation
For this final portion of our series, we'll discuss challenges that organizations often face on the road to accreditation and how to avoid them. Click here to register!
1 - 3
Los Angeles, CA
NATCON - The National Council for Mental Wellbeing
Jennifer will be moderating the panel, "Creating Momentum in Challenging Times Through Accreditation," featuring panelists from COA, The Joint Commission, and CARF. Schedule some time for a one-on-one with Jennifer, or stop by the AG booth! You can learn more about this conference by clicking here.
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