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October 17, 2019
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2020 Open Enrollment Checklist
Preparing for Open Enrollment can be challenging, especially when each year includes new rules and regulations. Our Open Enrollment Checklist has been updated to help you stay on top of Affordable Care Act requirements and know which notices must be provided to eligible employees.
What is ATNE and Why Is It Important?
ATNE stands for Average Total Number of Employees. The number of employees in a group determines its benefit plan’s design. Employers are required by state and federal regulations to report their ATNE.

An employee is typically any person for which the company issues a W-2, regardless of full-time, part-time or seasonal status or whether or not they have medical coverage. To calculate ATNE, count the number of employees on the last day of each month divided by 12 for the previous year.

Read more about the requirement and calculating the ATNE. Download our ATNE Worksheet found on QualChoice.com, For Brokers > Find a Form or Document
Fight the Flu in Your Workplace
A flu epidemic can mean downtime in the workplace! Remind your employees to be prepared. QualChoice members can get the vaccine at any network pharmacy or provider's office. No copayment is required.
Learn more about flu and download our Facts About the Flu info sheet, available in English or Spanish at QualChoice.com.
Updated Forms
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To make sure you are using current QualChoice forms, please download from the Employer Forms page at QualChoice.com each time you need to use one.
Susan Jones recently appeared on KARK at Noon to pass on ideas to convert traditional tailgating comfort foods into healthy diet-friendly dishes.
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