It's June! Summer officially starts and it's time to get creative when it comes to your pets. It is often too hot outside, so keeping pets cool and safe is a priority. Since June is Adopt-a-Cat Month ® , we'll talk about reading your cat's body behavior so you can be more in tune with your feline. While you may want to bring your pets on a road trip or if you're
 just taking your dog or cat to the vet, it's always important to keep them safe, so we'll discuss car safety for your pets. Have you thought about bringing your dog to the dog park? We have tips to ensure your dog is safe at all times and how to avoid danger. All the information is right here in this month's Pet Tips and Treats newsletter, which is filled with valuable information. Remember to watch for our periodic special discount "treat" just for you and your pet to enjoy. Don't forget to share the love and send our newsletter to others who also cherish their pets.

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June 2017

As June heats up, there's a host of great pet days. It is a great month to celebrate cats because it's Adopt-a-Cat Month® and there's also International Hug Your Cat Day.

Adopt-a-Cat Month®, American Humane Association
Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month , ASPCA
This month urges people with pets to make preparations in case they should be hit by a disaster.
June 4-10, Pet Appreciation Week
June 4, International Hug Your Cat Day
June 11, World Pet Memorial Day
June 23, Take Your Dog to Work Day

How to Read Your Cat's Body Behavior
Do you know how to read your furry feline's body behavior? Although you don't speak cat, there are tips to learn how to communicate better.

Ensure Your Pets' Safety When Riding in the Car

When taking your pet along for a car ride, whether it's a short trip to the vet or a longer road trip, safety must come first. There's a number of things to keep in mind. You don't just want to throw your pet in the back seat. Not to mention, not all animals like to travel, so sometimes it can be stressful for you and your pet.

Take Your Canine Out to the Dog Park and Put Safety First

Dog parks can be all the rage for some dogs and pet parents, but they also can be a nightmare for others. While many dogs love to run around and play with other canines in a social setting, it's just not for everyone.
Employee of the month: Cody Cristel, Lead Guest Service Attendant

As Lead Guest Service Attendant at Second Home Pet Resort, Cody Cristel ensures employees show up for their shift, prepares the food for the animals, ensures dogs have plenty of water, administers medications and prepares staff assignments. At the end of his shift, Cody ensures that all dogs are safe and inside before he heads home.
When Cody was about 10 years old, he told his mother that he wanted to work with animals. Today, that is exactly what he does. "I have a special connection with dogs," Cody said. "At work they call me the 'dog whisperer' because I can work with the fearful dogs."
Cody grew up with family dogs and currently has three rescued pit pulls, one of whom was adopted through Second Home. He brings his dog Kira to work, and she sometimes sits behind the desk.
In August, Cody will celebrate 8 years at Second Home. He loves meeting the new dogs who come in as well as "working with the rescues and seeing them go to their forever homes," he said.
"Everyone at Second Home cares about the animals," Cody said. "Everyone there is a family; we're not just a team."
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