Twice-a-year juice cleanse? Gym membership? Binge-watch the latest TV show everyone’s talking about? It’s January, and that means many Americans are already several days into their New Year’s resolutions. But as each year brings its own personal goals and associated challenges, none ever carry as much weight (no pun intended) as the old standby: getting in shape.

As the new year takes hold, health and wellness are top priorities for U.S. consumers. In fact, data from a Nielsen survey highlights how “staying fit and healthy” is our top resolution, coming in at 37%, followed closely by “lose weight” (32%). And based on the survey results, just a handful of us are throwing in the towel and not making any resolutions (16%). The only problem is only  8% of Americans are successful  in achieving their resolutions.

So now that we’ve put the holidays and the leftover pumpkin pie behind us, how are we pledging to better ourselves and our lives in the New Year? What are your goals? What is your true motivator? Understanding and remembering the real reason why you want to make a change will keep you accountable.

No matter how you set your goals, we encourage you to make sure they are SMART goals:
Ready for a change?
If getting healthier, losing weight and/or creating better habits are on your resolution list, The Smith Clinic has some great options for you to aid in your journey:
  • Whole Life Challenge (See below for more info!)
  • Fitness Memberships (ask our staff for more info!)

One of our top priorities at The Smith Clinic is to approach healthcare with the benefits of prevention and education. If there are ever any questions regarding fitness goals or establishing a baseline evaluation, we would be honored to have the opportunity to help you work toward a healthy and happy 2019! As always, we're here to help!
Patient Testimonial:
Mercedes Farnsworth

From the moment I walked into the Smith Clinic, I knew something was different. For 20 years, I have suffered from severe neck, shoulder and back pain, and have had many visits to physical therapy clinics across the country. On my first visit (to The Smith Clinic), I was welcomed and helped by the administrative staff at the front desk with warmth, professionalism, and knowledge in the setting of appointments, to navigating insurance questions. This is still true today, after a number of months. Everyone is always greeted with a smile, and questions of how one is feeling.

The physical therapy staff, or I should say Team, is deeply committed to healing. They listen and understand the debilitating pain that has brought each of us to the clinic. They have devised a program to address my particular problems. There is a coordination engaged in by everyone to provide constant attention during my session.

I have been overwhelmed by their knowledge, skills, compassion, and kindness. I have made more progress, and experience less pain than I have in years. I’ve also been given exercises I can do at home to supplement the therapy I receive at the clinic. This same level of care and kindness is given to everyone who comes to the clinic for physical needs and relief from pain. They encourage one to movement and a will to get better.

The Smith Clinic is more than just a clinic for physical therapy needs. It is a family and a community of like-minded professionals who have dedicated themselves to healing every person whom they treat. My words will not begin to express my gratitude to Michael Smith and the wonderful staff. Your caring and healing hands are making a difference in my life, and the lives of those who are blessed to have entered your doors.

Written by:
Mercedes Farnsworth
Need some help jump-starting your goals this year? 
Join us, as we partner with The Whole Life Challenge!
We will help you set your goals for 2019
AND give you the tools to get a jumpstart on them!


Teaming up with our Smith Clinic staff,
together we will track the 7 key habits of health and wellness:


You will also receive THREE (3) InBody Assessments, Goal Setting Tools, A Beginning and Ending Fitness Test, and a chance to win 1 of our 3 Grand Prizes!

What is the InBody? 
InBody is a machine that quickly measures your fat mass, muscle mass and body water levels. No pinching. No discomfort. Simply stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes. We will save your data, creating charts and more, so we (and you!) can easily track your progress!

The Whole Life Challenge begins January 19th.
Registration fees are as follows: 
Individual: $69 
Couple: $110
Family: $210

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. 
Don't Wait! Let us help you make 2019 your healthiest year yet...
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