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New Support for Google Classroom Teachers
With our Google Classroom Integration, teachers can assign STEM quizzes, project submission forms, and reading materials with the click of a button. Try our new Google Classroom Integration to see how easy it is to assign steps of a science project to help keep students on track using the Scientific Method or the Engineering Design Process. Learn more:

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Making Pop Culture Connections
Pair Pokemon Go Interest with Science and Cybersecurity
Tie student interest in Pok émon Go to a fun classroom science activity to help your students learn more about cybersecurity and DoS attacks. 
Science News and Student STEM
Diabetic Alert Dogs and Your Breath
A recent study from the UK pinpoints one of the chemicals diabetic alert dogs may be detecting when they alert for low blood glucose. Findings may open new areas of exploration for students interested in medical and device engineering. See also:  When a Dog "Nose" Best: Scent Science.
Heat Dome Science
A Heat Dome has caused high temperatures in many parts of the U.S. this summer. Students can explore practical cooling strategies with hands-on science experiments and activities.
Convenient Science Kits
Squishy Circuits Kit Ferrofluid Nanotechnology Kit
Family Science
Colorful Light Mixing Family Science Activity
Put on a  colorful light show  to explore the science behind color mixing! 
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