April 26, 2022
United Way of Pennsylvania
Primary Election Day in PA is fast approaching - are you ready to make your voice heard? This year, many important offices are up for election, including Governor and Lieutenant Governor, seats in the U.S. Senate and House, and PA State Legislature.

To vote in the PA Primary, you must be registered to a political party. The Primary Election is to nominate each party's candidates for the General Election in November.

Key dates for the 2022 PA Primary:

Your voice is important - make it count! Visit the link below to learn more about the PA Primary Election, register to vote, or request a mail-in ballot.
Helpful Resources:
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Now is the time to get your child signed up for summer camp! Check out low-cost and no-cost summer camps in your area. Just click the link and filter by zip code.
Free Trauma-Informed Care Training
Join the Resilient PA coalition to foster strong PA youth, families, and communities! Membership is free and open to anyone, and you will get access to a range of expert training resources for trauma-informed care.
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Learn about the latest programs designed to help Pennsylvanians, and check out current United Way projects across the state!
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Will you help PA communities improve their financial stability, health, and education? Choose to support your local United Way, support efforts to improve life for people who work and struggle to survive (ALICE), or support our program to connect people to the help they need (PA 211.) Give, advocate, or volunteer today.
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