October 13, 2016  

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Casa Providencia
Visit from Club Activo 20-30
TCU Institute of Child Development

A Heart for Adoption
Heart's Cry provides adoption and foster care services through Heart's Cry Family Services, an in-country adoption agency offering: legal, psychological, social work, and training throughout the entire processes to Nationals in Panama  AT NO CHARGE .
Dear (Contact First Name),

    On October 14th, ( TOMORROW)  Heart's Cry Children's Ministry is launching our second  Crowd Funding Campaign for Casa Providencia. We are lacing up our running shoes for our 2nd race and we are SO CLOSE  with only $300,000 left in preparing the building! Our local Panama support is enormous with local universities, charitable organizations, and the Government ready to provide many of our equipment, staffing and training needs. Casa Providencia can only be possible through your generous giving (for  which  we were so thankful from our previous campaign) and also through your passion in spreading the word to family and friends.  This time around we are asking that you run with us once again, to help us take action and open up the doors for these beautiful children at Casa Providencia.  Please check out the video below and see all the progress made from last year's successful campaign.  Thank you for your part in the progress!

Casa Providencia - Special-Needs Orphanage, Panama. 2016 Campaign Video

Please consider donating early, in order to get the race off to a great start. Statistically, the more momentum gained in the initial days of the crowdfunding campaign, the more successful they are to reaching their goal.  Help us hit the ground running on October 14th!

(Founder, Matt Hedspeth gives a tour of the cafeteria area of Casa Providencia to various Board Members of the Club Activo 20-30 of Panama.)
Local Clubs gain interest in supporting Casa Providencia
Matt has recently met with a myriad of groups and clubs interested in supporting Casa Providencia through various in-kind donations.  We are thrilled at the possibilities of support through these groups.  Please pray for the equipment and furnishings to start rolling in also.  This crowdfunding campaign is not only about the cash needed to fund Casa Providencia's finishings and operations, but also about getting the equipment and furnishings in place as well.   

(Ana Gabriela de la Guardia and Graciela Mauad attending the Trust-Based Relational Intervention at TCU Institute of Child Development)
Heart's Cry Team attends Practitioner Training from the Texas Christian University Institute of Child Development

Our Heart's Cry staff, Graciela Mauad and Ana Gabriela de la Guardia, applied for and were both honored with a scholarship through  Show Hope  to attend this prestig i ous  training seminar in Texas. (Scholarship awarded: $5,000 in total!) 

They completed many hours of preparation, exams and interviews in the months leading up to the training. They passed all the preparation work and experienced this ha
nds-on training for professionals last week. As you may recall, Graciela is our family law attorney handling adoption and foster cases, and Ana Gabriela is our clinical psychologist offering therapy to children whom we assist through the process of  foster care a nd adop tion.
Thank you all for your donations to support our Family Services program.  We are humbled at the continued opportunity to provide foster care and adoption services at no cost to nationals in Panama.  Why no cost?  Panama is a country not at all familiar with adoption or foster care.  The Lord is beginning to open the doors in a major way in this program.  And we are thankful for training such as this prestigious one from TCU and Show Hope, where the Lord has provided a way for our Heart's Cry staff to receive some of the best practitioner training available in the world.  The love of the Father never ceases to amaze us!  Thank you for your part in helping make this program possible.   
As a reminder, you can directly donate online to HCCM through our website:  
or you may mail in donations by check, payable to:
Heart's Cry Children's Ministry
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Thank you, 
From the bottom of our hearts, 
Matt and Misty Hedspeth
and the Hearts Cry Children's Ministry Team