Get ready for the weekend with hostess gift ideas and entertaining necessities. Whether you are entertaining guests, visiting friends and family, road-tripping, having a stay-cation or camping, Crafted Decor has a great selection of summer must-haves. If you have a change to stop by (oh how we have missed you!) we have also put together numerous gift ensembles (already wrapped and ready to go).

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"Welcome to the Cottage" Doormat
This is Our Happy Place Doormat
Natural Woven Rope Doormat
Wooden cutlery has been so popular for entertaining outdoors without wasteful plastic cutlery. Made of 100% natural birchwood, these utensils are both eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Many customers have been buying the set of three plus a gourmet item gift wrapped together as hostess gifts.
Wooden Cutlery 100pc
Wooden Cutlery 100pc
Wooden Cutlery 100pc
A best seller for many years. Perfect as a hostess gift, housewarming gift, or a gift for yourself. Who can resist - these whimsical gurgling pots will leave your guests smiling when you pour water or wine at your dining table. We can all use cheerfulI items such as these colourful stoneware vessels.
NEW - Engraved Bamboo Cheese Board
Use this as a base for a gourmet gift, or buy one for yourself to serve your favourite charcuterie items. Bamboo is extremely durable making it an ideal cutting board.
Acacia Board with Groove
Serve a variety of meats, cheeses, nuts and fruit on this 27.5" charcuterie board. When not in use, hang this gorgeous piece or display on your counter
NEW - "Charcuterie" Paper Runner
50 FEET of easy entertaining. No only will your spread look impressive, you can label all your delectables, AND there is less clean up.
Round Shallow Platter
Made of recycled glass, this platter can serve many functions. As a decor piece on a table, or as a beautiful fruit platter
Michel Design Works Honey & Clover Foaming Soap
Michel Design Works Indigo Cotton Foaming Soap
Michel Design Works Lemon Basil Foaming Soap
Encourage guests to keep hand cleanliness top of mind, with one of these popular pumps.
In Your Hands Pump
Sanitizer Pump
Spread Love Pump

Prepared in Canada, these cast iron skillet kits are easy to use and sure to impress (as with ALL Gourmet Du Village products). Buy them for your own entertaining, give them as a hostess gift, or fun thing to do camping. Additional replacement mixes also available.
Apple Crumble Kit Skillet
Cheesy Nacho Skillet
S'mores Dip Skillet

Locally made, Twisted Tomato ketchup makes the traditional hamburger condiment a thing of the past. The unique recipes blend gourmet ketchup with complimenting flavours to step up any BBQ or backyard party.

Available flavours include: Dill Pickle, Garlic, Bacon, Ghost Pepper


Buy 1 bottle of Twisted Tomato ketchup and get one FREE - use code "twisted" at checkout. While supplies last.
Having amazing flavour, shouldn't consume your day - Gourmet du Village has done the work for you. Enjoy their many seasonings (minus any unnecessary additives) as easy hot or cold dips, or elevate your fish, veggies, pasta, etc with a dash.

Made in Canada
Gourmet du Village Dip Jar Lemon Dill
Gourmet du Village Dip Jar Parmesan Artichoke
Gourmet du Village Dip Jar Chipotle Garlic
What's more Canadian than Maple or Craft Beer? Enjoy these amazing versatile sauces at your next BBQ.
Hickory Smoke BBQ Sauce
Maple Chipotle BBQ Sauce
Craft Beer BBQ Sauce
Gourmet du Village is a hit when it comes to effortless entertaining and their drink mixes are no exception. Last year we sold out early so this summer we have ordered more of these summertime favourites, so you don't go thirsty. Pair with Beach glasses as a hostess gift.
Gourmet du Village Frosé Pink Strawberry Box
Gourmet du Village Moscow Mule Drink Mix
Gourmet du Village Sangria Box Mix
NEW - The Beach Glass - Assorted Colours
Enjoy a day at the beach or in your pool in style. Outdoor drinkware has evolved, and it is a reusable alternative to enhance the shared outdoor experience and replace disposable plastic.

The best way to enjoy your wine, beer or cocktail on the beach, or floating in the pool, lake, or hot tub. The design allows you stake this little beauty in the sand, grass and snow, freeing you from the burden of always having glass in hand, or worrying it will fall over on unstable surfaces.  So clear they look like fine crystal, but, Crystal Clear Beach Glass is made of durable, BPA-free acrylic.

Holds over 12 ounces of the beverage of your choice. 
 Dishwasher safe
NEW - Stainless Steel Wine Bottle "Wineaux"
Your new go-to for transporting wine in style AND keeping it cold. Fits a full bottle of wine while maintaining the perfect temperature . Allows you to take wine to the beach, pool, campsite, or any other glass-free zone. Makes a great gift too!
"Saving The Earth One Sip At A Time" Stainless Steel Straw Set
The stylish storage box says it all (and its made from wheat straw - not plastic). Best of all - it's ON SALE
Beer Pong Shelf With Cups & Balls
Always know where your balls are. For anyone who plays this game, it is usually a hunt for the supplies before you can play. Keep everything accessible and in one place. Great hostess gift for a backyard BBQ
Inflatable Buffet Cooler
How cool is this! Serve food/beverages that need to stay cold in this large inflatable. Best of all, it requires no storage space. 26"'x53"
These stylish totes have been a top seller and sold out before summer arrived (mainly to BC customers who get warmer weather sooner) - but don't worry, not only have we restocked we have added more styles.
Canvas Tote - Road Trip
black lettering on heavy weight cotton canvas bag, black genuine leather handles with brown piping. Measures: 20”w x 11”h, 6”gusset
NEW Canvas Tote - Weekend Vibes
black lettering on heavy weight cotton canvas bag, black genuine leather handles with brown piping. Measures: 20”w x 11”h, 6”gusset
NEW Mini Canvas Tote - Paris
black lettering on heavy weight cotton canvas bag, black genuine leather handles
Market Tote - Spread the Local Love
Tote with Fuschia Pompoms
Tote with Natural Fringe
Windchimes are a great gift idea for the avid gardener
Curated Gift Sets
Need a gift but don't know what to get? We have put together some amazing gift ensembles for you AND they come gift wrapped and ready to go.

Farmhouse Fresh Bronze Fox Tanning Drops 4 oz
Bronze Fox
Tanning Drops
Look beach-kissed in hours with these light-weight tanning drops. A pump or two mixes right into your daily moisturizer. You will look glowy good without a dash of makeup needed. Enriched with hyaluronic and polyglutamic acids + an antioxidant cocktail of green tea, watermelon, cactus and acai.

The blend of moisture-loving acids helps plump your complexion, providing a glowing bounce to skin. You'll love your streak-free new colour that looks like you vacay every day.

Elevated Shade
Mineral Sunscreen
This mattifying sunscreen is not like your other SPFs – it treats your complexion to a cocktail of skin-loving & youth-defending antioxidants, including vitamins C, E & B3 (niacinamide) to help visibly improve skin tone, pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Smoothing hydration from hyaluronic acid makes this loved by all skin types.

This silky smooth, feathery-light formula is transparent, reef-safe, and provides UVA/UVB protection with broad spectrum SPF 30 - no chalky look here. Filled with r concentration of vitamins A, C & E.
Farmhouse Fresh Elevated Shade 100% Mineral Sunscreen 1.7 oz
Bye Bye Bugs Herbal Spray Repellant
Bye Bye Bugs
Herbal Spray Repellant
Sheer protection delivered in a fine and fresh mist. Our safe and gentle formula powered with essential oils helps repel pesky bugs and mosquitos so you can stay bite-free. 

Created from all-natural, pure essential oils, this spray is not only effective but smells great.

The main ingredient in this blend is Lemon Eucalyptus Oil, recommended by the CDC as a natural alternative to DEET. Several studies have found this natural bug repellent as effective as DEET in repelling mosquitoes. It may also work well against ticks. Rich plant-based oils deliver protection that’s kind to your skin.
Pot of Gold
Shimmer Body Cream
The pot of gold at the end of a rainbow is this jar of ultra-rich whipped body cream packed full of silk proteins. This formula soaks into skin instantly to seal in much needed moisture. Perfect for the summer months when you want a little bit of shimmer and summer glow (and not obvious sparkles). 
  • GOLD MICA FLECKS: a hint of shimmer to keep skin sparkling
  • PURE GOAT MILK: moisturizes the skin and keeps your skin pH balanced
  • SILK PROTEINS: prevent dehydration and boost skins elasticity
Pot of Gold Shimmer Body Cream

Hello Sunshine Natural Sunscreen
Hello Sunshine
Natural Sunscreen
Goodbye fragrances and preservatives. This clinically tested broad-spectrum sunscreen is water-resistant for 80 minutes, thanks to natural pine gum and wood resin. Zinc Oxide is free of nanoparticles and provides transparent broad-spectrum protection.
  • Reef safe
  • oxybenzone-free
Maison Berger’s functional fragrance for the summer season is Summer Night. It's an: insect repellent, odour neutralizer, bacteria killer, and room fragrance source (Ocean Breeze). It repels ants, bugs, flies, and mosquitoes. Enjoy indoor or outdoors in any Maison Berger catalytic lamp.
Use indoors/outdoors at the cottage, in campers or RV's, on the patio, deck, grill area, outdoor kitchen, etc.

Available in 500ml and 1L
A Crafted Decor BEST SELLER. Perfect for a hostess gift or for your own use. 40 REFILL fragrances to choose from (aromatherapy, anti-odour, floral, fruity, masculine, and fresh scents). From the brand that does scent BEST - Maison Berger.

All fragrances are developed AND made in France
No other brand comes close the amazing packaging and scent available in Michel Designs soaps. Made with shea butter, so your hands will not be dried. Also makes a great hostess gift for its compact design.
Lemon Basil Gift Set
Indigo Cotton Gift Set
Honey & Clover Gift Set
12 Day Self-Care Toolkit
12 Day Self-Care Toolkit
Pause + Connect A Self-Care Toolkit: 12 Days of Crystal Magic to Help You Live Your Best Life. A bright and radiant 12 piece advent calendar style box with crystals, inspirational messages, and action steps for a self-care journey.
Packaging features metallic gold foil accents and modern graphic design.

Product Features: -How to use crystal magic
-Tools included for observing your brilliant mind
-How to practice mindfulness
-Look up, look down: integrating cosmic experiences with inner world experiences
Chakra Collection Reveal Box
The stones in this Chakra Collection of the Reveal Box: Stone Pack have been curated to support balancing the seven main chakras of the body. Each chakra is associated with specific colors and stones. To clear and balance an energy center, hold the stone of that chakra color while meditating.
Chakra Collection Reveal Box
Chakra Collection Reveal Box
The stones in this Chakra Collection of the Reveal Box: Stone Pack have been curated to support balancing the seven main chakras of the body. Each chakra is associated with specific colors and stones. To clear and balance an energy center, hold the stone of that chakra color while meditating.
Chakra Collection Reveal Box
Dammit Doll - Pandemic Edition
Pandemic Dammit Doll
WHO isn't feeling stressed these days, DAMMIT!? We’ve got you! Grab this Pandemic Doll and SLAMMIT.

Buy 4, get one free
Buy 7, get 3 free

Buy for your entire team - put a smile on their face, and acknowledge their stress.
Lampe Cube Gift Set
A simple design, and dressed in a modern/neutral colour. It also comes with the most popular fragrance WORLDWIDE - Ocean Breeze.

This combination + the 3-in-1 benefits make The Cube Gift Set an IDEAL perfect gift for friends, family, or staff.

Buy more & SAVE:
Buy 4 Lamp Sets and save 20%
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