Wednesday, Oct 11
Hoshana Raba
Mincha 6:20pm
Candle Lighting 6:21pm
** Eiruv Tavshilin Reminder**

Thursday, Oct 12
Shemini Atzeret
Morning Services 9:00am
Yizkor 10:45am
Evening Services 6:20pm
Candle Lighting 7:19pm

Friday, Oct 13
Simchat Torah
Morning Services 9:00am
Evening Services 6:20pm
Candle Lighting 6:18pm

Shabbat, Oct 14
Morning Services 9:00am
Evening Services 6:15pm
Havdallah 7:16pm

Weekday Services
Morning Services 8:30am
Mincha / Maariv 6:10pm

Adas Israel Men's Club

Committee Meeting 
Sunday, Oct. 15 @ 9:30 am at the Shul
Volunteers, suggestions & new input is welcomed to continue the annual tradition in making our 59th Annual Brotherhood Social successful.

Stay a Little Longer...
At the end of a family wedding, as the final guests left the hall, my brother was saying his goodbyes and, then, he saw my mother.  She was sitting around a table with a nostalgic glow on her face. She turned to him and simply said:   "Stay a little longer. These moments doesn't last forever."
We've experienced epic holidays. As we put away our Shofar and Lulav and prepare to leave the Sukkah, we hear a voice from above.  The Almighty whispers:  "Stay a little longer."  It may lack the grandeur and the intricacies of its fellow holidays, but Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, add a special and unparalleled sweetness and intimacy.

The band has left the hall and the guests have gone home.  Now, we simply sit back and take it all in.  Stay a little longer and savour the moment...

Rabbi Daniel Green
Get ready to Dance!!!

Simchat Torah Extravaganza!

Simchat Torah Extravaganza - Thursday, Oct 12th

6:50pm Sing & Dance with the Torahs! Kids programme in small shul with tons of fun & treats! 
Complimentary Holiday Dinner and our famous "Tish" following all the dancing!

Simchat Torah Day - Friday Oct 13th

11:00am Women's Brunch & Learn - Sponsored by Sweet Noshings Catering
Brunch & words of inspiration from women in our community in the Waxman Social Hall. Babysitting available in the toddler room.

11:45am Simchat Torah AYO Kid's Minyan
In the small shul Prizes... Games... D'var Torahs... Treats... stories & more prizes!!!

Complimentary Luncheon following all the dancing!
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Tomorrow evening, the glorious Adas tradition continues!   Each year the celebrations include a communal gala dinner and luncheon, open to the whole community, made possible by our Simchat Torah Hosts & Sponsors.  (To participate, click on the link above.)  Thank you (so far) to:
Sponsors :  Amnon & Michal Amsily , Yuval & Sherri Bavly, Howard & Shelley Brown, Gabe & Corinne Chaimovitz, Irwin & Sandra Fuss, Gord & Paula Garshowitz, Paul & Debbie  Ginsberg, David Golan, Rabbi & Mrs. Daniel  Green, Bruce & Lorelei Greenberg / Zeiler, Lawrence & Sharon Hart, Geoff & Geraldine Katz, Stan & Sheryl Katz, Max & Irit Kobilianski, Morry & Cheryl Koperwas, Simon & Alice Mendelson, Yaakov & Shira Morel, Gabriel Moyal, Elliott & Eva Raphael, Eden & Merlyn Sehayek, Avi & Rebecca Shapiro, Marty & Debbie Strub, Hersel & Sima Tehranzadeh
Hosts : Yisrael & Amaris Adler, Noah & Arielle Farber, Sandra, Michael, Joel Feldman, Joel & Lanie Goldberg, Rabbi  Daniel & Tova Green, Rabbi Mordechai & Sylvia Green, Joseph & Cheryl Greenbaum, Robert & Claudia Paling, Len & Sonja Kofman, Allan & Rita Kopyto, Lester & Carol Krames, Rami & Tara Kurgaunker, Yoshy & Chana Lavin, Richard & Arlene Leibtag, Shawn & Eliza Minden, Zion & Enza Naftali, Jason & Evelyne Ohayon, Henry & Molly Ann Schwarcz, Michael & Adalia Schweitzer, Rabbi Aaron & Leslie Selevan, Michael & Teresa Waxman, Rabbi Chanan & Goldie Weiser, Joel Seigel & Sandra Yellin, Sam & Tamar Weisbrod, Michael & Joy Zians, Phillip & Andrea Zians
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Thursday, October 12th (Shemini Atzeret) @ 10:45am
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Coming up...

Shabbat Project: Great Big Challah Bake for Women!
Monday, October 23rd @ 7:30pm
Get ready for our annual big exciting challah bake in honour of the Shabbat Project!
With special guest leader Gail Michalowicz.
Please e-mail if you are able to volunteer.

Click here to RSVP or to sponsor
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Shabbat Project Friday Night Dinner
Friday, October 27th
Fine crisp linen in Mexico City, challah crumbs in Johannesburg, wine spills in Kochav Yair. It's good to know we in Hamilton, Ontario are keeping it together with communities across the globe. Volunteers welcome!

Candle Lighting @ 5:56pm | Services @  5:55pm | Dinner @ 7:00pm
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Never Had A Bat Mitzvah?
Bat Mitzvah Club "Take II"
It's Never too late to celebrate!

A 12 week hands-on course for adult women who never experienced a Bat Mitzvah or those that want a refresher.  

Culminating in a celebratory dinner and optional trip to Israel!

With Gail Michalowicz.   Starts on October 30th  (Cost $300) For more information email

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To Infinity & Beyond!  
A Four Week Series Exploring the Nature of our Soul & the Afterlife
With Rabbi Daniel Green - Tuesdays at 7:30pm  (starts  Oct 17th )

Week 1, Oct 17: Soul Searching:  Is our soul eternal? Who is the real you? Is our world just one stop in a larger journey?

Week 2, Oct 24: Life In Utero:  When does life begin? Do angels really teach us in the womb? What happens when we're born?

Week 3, Oct 31: Break on Through to the Other Side:  What's happens when we die? Are souls in Heaven aware of their loved ones on Earth? The power of Kaddish. 

Week 4, Nov 7: Mission Accomplished? -  Does Judaism believe in Reincarnation

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New Adas Calendar!
Book your ad in the  Adas Israel Sisterhood Calendar today!!!