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Hi there

Well at last we have some warmth and sunshine here in the UK. Its as if somebody switched the lights back on!
The weather weirdness all over the planet has however, resulted in hardships for many. My prayers and love go to all those who may be affected by the floods, tornadoes, and severe storms in other parts of the planet.

I was trying to find a way to describe the way the energies have been/are at the moment and its been tough to pin down the words! A few really good descriptors came up in a discussion with fellow diamond teacher/practitioner Ann Menzies Blythe which helped to consolidate things! So, here's what we've been experiencing :

- choppy
- chaotic
- things/events surge ahead & then stop dead
- feeling vitalised and energetic & then 'can't lift an arm' tired all in the space of a couple of hours.
- inspired and clear with loads of new ideas followed by total blank slate periods where you can't recall what you were so excited about!
- being deeply connected to Spirit/HIgher Self and then feeling as if someone just pulled the plug
- Restless & can't sit still for too long vs can't get going
- flexing time (stretching and contracting)
- lots of distractions from things that need to be taken care of in that moment
- strange allergies and skin ailments
- food binges & then days when you just forget or don't need to eat.
- internal but very localised patches of heat (this is very often experienced when kundalini is clearing through energy blocks & it is the time of year when the cycle is in an active phase).
- periods of deep inner stillness, knowing and trust
- times where everything seems completely surreal & you wonder just where you are or which timeline you are on!

I think there were a couple more, but I've forgotten them already! I've had a few reports from others too who have fond it difficult at times to connect with clients in 'remote' healing sessions - it is as if there's a block there, or we can't get through the grids.

Good news is you haven't lost the plot! Where we are with all of this (& this 'dropped in' during a moment of clarity today) is undergoing a powerful synchronsation to our multidimensional selves. Periods of expansion interspersed with integration as our nervous systems adjust to the surges. Every now and again I swear it sounds as if there is an engine trying to turn over & it hasn't quite caught hold yet. There isn't yet enough gas (new energy) to get it to run smoothly (check out my car story below as this was a wionderful analogy!)

But it is definitely on the way!!

We really are straddling two worlds & who could really have known what this would feel like?!! Of course, not everyone is experiencing this at the moment, and those who are, are doing so with varying degrees of intensity depending on the 'personal' wiring and life purpose.

Get ready, as this month we have yet more surges helped along by astrological alignments. The surges are building in strength and intensity that's for sure & by the end of June it would appear that things will begin running more smoothly - and in very positive directions.

I am reminded of an experience from 2 years ago, when I was visiting the same Ann mentioned above. Sitting chatting in the kitchen, we were both struck at the same time by a huge influx of high frequency energy along with intense electrical surges in parts of the brain. We immediately sat down to tune into what was happening and found 2 very tall humanoid beings were with us in the room. One of the beings held out his hands and cupped in them was a miniature earth with red ribbon around it and tied in a bow. I was given a simple message which was, "It won't be long know until you see and know what this (journey) has all been about". That was it & then the energy 'dropped'.

Whenever I find myself looking at the external world and despairing that things appear to be shifting very slowly, I recall that vision and know that all will be well. The energies are building to take us in the right direction.

(Out of interest, I have recently discovered I was born on a GAP day and my overall purpose is to be a 'cosmic conduit', linking higher mind with the heart. Having this enhanced 'comsic' connection often lends itself to mystical and weird experiences. (see my referral to Mayankin and the oracle readings further down))

So, whatever you are doing this month, allow yourself to be open to the fullness and Truth of who you really are, no matter where that may lead! Experience that Truth as the surges come, know it and also know that all is moving along and opening up dimensions of ourselves we never dreamed of.

Resistance really is futile!!!

I thank you for being on the journey with me and as always send much love from the diamond heart.
Julie x



Promotions and Forthcoming Events


1. New energy process mp3 - "Singing the Soul Home". Directly inspired and recorded on a recent GAP (Galactic Activation Portal Day). Avalable for immediate download and perfect for these energetic times to expand our 'wholeness' and soul prescence. I have also enabled  a donation option for this, so please share with your networks.

2. NEW! I love these new 'body art' offerings of the Diamond Light Codes. Giving you a new way to embrace the energy of the codes, these 'temporary tattoos' help to program your body through imprinting the water through the skin. Choose from the initial offerings of Prosperity, Jewel in the Heart, Radiance or Song of the Soul (or all 4!).
Allow the subtle energies to work their magic.
Check here & for info and images of the Light Codes used, go here

3. The Gardens of the Soul webinars shared last month are available for download! They were gentle, yet powerful and perfect preparation for these times of intense recalibration.
"Your Gardens of the Soul webinar series was the deepest clearing and most powerful healing journey I have experienced to date"  Lori
You can find them here

4. I have set dates for a Diamond Light Grid Teacher Training workshop for the last weekend in August.
For info, I will be spending much more time out of the country travelling & I anticipate this will be from later this year. (All is dependant on how long my little Millie - dog- decides to stay with me). I would love to have more teachers to continue sharing this process in the UK.
There have been a number of students asking me if they can train to teach the process, so if you are interested please send me an email : julie@diamondlightworld.com
Open only to those who have actively been working with and have a current basic understanding of the diamond energy.
Venue : Bowness, Cumbria
Dates : 30/31 Aug & 1 Sept (3 days)
Personally Recommended

A few weeks ago, I had a Mayan destiny oracle reading with Mariela Maya of Mayankin. The reading itself came about as the result of some pretty interesting synchronicities (again!), and I was gifted with so many personal insights through the process. 

Having had many profiles, psychological assessments, astrological readings and such done over the years, each has added a new layer of insight to my understanding of Self and purpose. The Mayan oracle reading provided validation for previous assessments, and also provided another set of gifts.The insights were just dropping in during our session!

What is significant is that I turn 52 this year, and this is recognised by the Maya (as well as some other indigenous peoples), as an important life transition if used consciously. This year already felt more important for me than turning 50, and this reading helped to carify why - according to the Mayan cycles, when we turn 52 we begin experiencing all the energy influences of our life from day 1 again, so it literally is a time of rebirthing. The death and rebirth cycle comes into sharp focus at this age. Hardly surprising then that so much has needed to be stripped away in preparation for this rebirthing period I am moving into. I knew that Smudge had catalysed a much deeper process in January and all is becoming very clear.

From the timing of 'kundalini' experiences, country moves, big tansitions etc, the influencing energies and lessons learned were brought into far greater clarity. All has been perfectly played out leading up to this year for me.

As I was born on a GAP day, these days have extra special significance for me in terms of connecting with cosmic information and expansive energies. Singing the Soul Home was dropped in on a GAP day.
(GAP Days)

I highly recommend Mariela's oracle readings. The soul connection as well as passion she has for her work is tangible! Read about her services at Mayankin

Reprogramming for Conscious Rebirth - cosmic humour!

I mentioned in my previous newsletter that in March my car taken away from me when it was writen off in an accident - I was not in the car, so there was no personal injury. The sequence of events was however so bizarre that I say my car was 'Divinely Hijacked for a higher purpose - the driver literally had a big jolt through the accident which shifted a massive block in her energy fields. This was something we were both aware of at the time (and subsequently validated), so the Divine carjacking fit the scenario so well!
I was then paid out a small sum from the insurance with which to buy a replacement vehicle. The car I found was a 'guided choice', however when I received it, it wouldn't drive properly - it kind of jumped around like a kangeroo in low gears, almost as if it wanted to throw me through the windscreen.
After a couple of trips back to the dealer and the odd small repairs, they were befuddled as to what was causing this problem as it wasn't mechanical. All through this I somehow knew that everything would be ok as I had had the clear message that this was the right car for me. After almost 3 weeks of this, they eventually discovered that the actual problem was with the software & that the car had to be reprogrammed in order for me to drive it. LOL.
I had been saying since January that I was aware of some deep inner transformation (reprogramming) going on.
Incidentally my replacement car is a pale silver. One of the messages I got when I chose it was "you have gone from having a black car to a pale silver one - go figure" (I had asked for a very clear 'diamond' message to know I had the right car!)
Who says Spirit doesn't have a sense of humour in how things manifest?!! Sometimes things are not quite what they seem on the surface!

I am now really looking forward to my 52nd birthday and a reprogrammed rebirth (I recently got my car back and it drives brilliantly!) 
Special links to stimulate expansion of mind and heart.



As always, I hope you will enjoy the links and information selected for you this month!


1. The Hope by Andrew Harvey    

I was introduced to the work of this amazing modern mystic this past month, and I love his work as well as his thinking. This book explores the topic of Sacred Activism as a much needed initiative to help resolve many of the problems facing humanity. A powerful, well written, thought provoking and inspirational read. 


2. Portals in Earth's Magnetic Field 

A report on the temporary and permanent 'corridors' that lin kus energetically with our sun. The relationship with our only star is more intertwined than we realise. 


3. Veganism vs Eating Meat 

An interesting short Q & A exploring two opposing viewpoints on our attitudes towards the food we eat. Interesting discussion and contributions from both sides!   


4. Wavespell of the Red Serpent and Blue Castle 

 Now that the 2012 talk has quietened down, many have forgotten that the 'shorter' Mayan calendars actually offer us day to day energetic guidance and contain some deep wisdoms. We are currently in a period goverened by the energies of the Red Serpent and Blue Castle of Transformation and Chaos - very relevant to our current times.    


5. Dreamtime vs Waking Life 

There is some very interesting info on this website in general, but I particularly enjoyed this article - and mention of the types of dreams. As one who has experienced what she refers to as 'Dream inserts' and developed an awareness of them, I found this article pretty insightful. 


7. The Jewel Network : Melanin discussion with Dr Bruce Bynum, Dr Owens Moore, & Dr Jewel 

I'm not sure if this show is still available to listen to, but the discussion was great. I have books written by both Dr Owens Moore and Dr Bruce Bynum and they offer some fascinating and powerful insights into neuromelanin and our spiritual development. 


8. ET 101 Manual 

I loved the humorous presentation of this book and found myself laughing on more than one occasion. Thank you to Rose who sent it through to me!

Get beyond all the 'intergalactic' stuff and you will touch upon some truths and perspectives of humanity  presented in an entertaining way. 

Hint- make it through to the very last paragraph..... 


Diamond Love always, Julie x