A Message from Dustin at ThrottleNet:

If you use technology in your business, you should have a trusted IT and cybersecurity partner. There is simply too much risk in the world to neglect this area. IT systems continue to become more complex, dispersed, and interconnected. It only takes one fault to open the door to a possible security event.

We have always had security at top of mind, and we are really trying to take that to the next level. We have been working to make sure our security offering is all encompassing and really provides the layered security that is needed today. It takes more than just the right tools to properly protect your business, you must implement the right policies and procedures. That is where we can help, taking something as complex as “security” and making it simple. We want all our clients to be secure and we think our new plans will make that as simple as possible.

ThrottleNet's Dustin Leefers was recently interviewed by Jason Remillard, CEO of Data443 Risk Mitigation, for Authority Magazine. Read the full interview HERE.
Dustin Leefers
Cybersecurity Manager

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