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Do I Really Need a Rugged Tablet for the Warehouse?
For round the clock reliability, commercial tablets just won’t do. When multiple users are operating in a fast-paced warehouse or out in the field every day of the week, durability is a critical component for success. There are a lot of rugged tablet options on the market, but how do you know which model is right for you? Here are some desirable features to look for: 

·         Withstands 6-foot drops to concrete
·         IP65 rated for dust and water sprays (even with dock doors open)
·         Daylight/sunlight viewable, reinforced glass
·         Built-In Barcode Reader (optional)
·         Survives MIL-STD-810G (Military Standards) testing

If you’ve got a rugged environment, ask us about a tablet up for the task like Zebra’s L10 Series of Rugged Tablets.

Not Your Grandfather’s Barcode:
Best Uses for 2D in the 21 st Century 
A lot has changed over the years, and 2D is quickly becoming more and more prominent in a number of industries including healthcare and manufacturing. Why? Because 2D codes can house much more data than a linear (1D) barcode. The availability of more data means more information can be utilized to track lot and item information, customer requirements, specifications and a whole lot more. See why 2D codes are trending in this month’s blog:
Get Colorful with Zebra’s IQ Color Technology 
Wish you could make your labels and label information stand out more easily without all the hassle? You can with Zebra’s IQ Technology. With IQ Technology, you can highlight critical information and provide visual cues to draw attention to certain parts of each label. Printing on demand with direct thermal ink technology on any Zebra thermal printer is a great alternative to using pre-printed labels, color markers or color labels. Download the data sheet, then call us for information and pricing.  
Wash Your Hands & Your Handheld Devices!
From healthcare workers to warehouse employees and other multiple-shift operations, germs can easily spread across an organization when several users are handling mobile computers, handheld barcode scanners and even barcode label printers. For important information on helping to keep the spread of germs to a minimum in the workplace, please read this blog written by our friends at Zebra, and learn how to clean and disinfect healthcare and non-healthcare versions of your devices. 
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