Attention Scorpion Customers:
Innov8tive Designs will no longer be the USA Scorpion distributor

Since the founding of our company in 2006, Innov8tive Designs has distributed Scorpion Power System products. In fact, Innov8tive Designs was originally created to serve as the Scorpion product distributor both in the United states and worldwide. Innov8tive Designs CEO, Lucien Miller, was one of the original members of the Beta Testing Team, that was formed in May of 2006, to evaluate and test the first Scorpion products that were being developed. After several months of improvements and refinements, the first Scorpion Power System products were debuted at the AMA show in Ontario, California in January of 2007 by Innov8tive Designs. Since then, over the past 12 years, the Scorpion product line has grown, and become the industry standard in power systems for aircraft and helicopters.

Throughout this time, Innov8tive Designs has been the driving force behind Scorpion products in the United States by providing product distribution, technical support, product testing and warranty service. We have also represented the Scorpion brand at major trade shows and flying events across the United States. Recently however, there have been several major changes in management and ownership that have taken place at Scorpion, and as a result, Innov8tive Designs has been informed that effective October 1st, 2018, we would no longer be a distributor of Scorpion products. Effective immediately, any support questions, technical issues or warranties regarding Scorpion products should be directed to the new Scorpion Distributor, Mikado USA.

To say that this came as a shock is a bit of an understatement, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Under the new arrangements, we will no longer be able to purchase any Scorpion products from the factory. We have a full selection of Scorpion products in our warehouse right now, and we will continue to sell all of our current Scorpion inventory, but once it is gone there will be no more available from us. Now would be a very good time to stock up on any Scorpion motors, Speed Controllers, tools, accessory products or replacement parts that you would like to purchase, while we still have a full selection of products.

Innov8tive Designs will continue to distribute Cobra Power System products and a full line of power system accessories, along with APC props, GemFan props and HQ props. We also have some new projects and product lines in the works, and we will be announcing many exciting new items in the near future.

We will continue to sell Scorpion products to customers until our remaining stock is depleted, so if there are Scorpion products you've been thinking about getting you may want to snatch them up before our stock runs out.

Best Regards,

Lucien Miller
President & CEO
Innov8tive Designs, Inc.
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