Get Smart Fall 2012   
Dear Friends,
Bob Burkholder,
President of
Burkholder's HVAC.

Welcome to the fall issue of Get Smart with Burkholder's. Fall is an especially important time when it comes to your HVAC system. These months leading up to winter are a window of opportunity to make sure your equipment is ready to make it through the cold weather without a hitch. In honor of the changing seasons, we have several special offers including new affordable priority coverage plans and quick money-saving efficiency inspections.


To get your HVAC equipment running at peak performance, we're offering a complete 10-point inspection for only $65. Keeping your HVAC system running efficiently may cut your energy costs by as much as 25 percent! 


For customers interested in top-quality care throughout the year, we're rolling out a new lineup of priority service agreements that cover nearly every type of HVAC equipment. For a one-time low cost you'll receive an annual tune-up, coverage on most parts and labor and priority emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


When it comes to furnaces, boilers, heat pumps and water heaters, professional preventative maintenance is the ultimate insider secret. By keeping your equipment running smoothly and nipping small problems in the bud, you will save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements down the line. With our new agreements you can enjoy life and leave the HVAC service to us. 


 All the best,


 Robert C. Burkholder 



Amazing Autumn Deal: 

As you prepare for the winter weather, don't forget to tweak your heat. For a limited time, Burkholder's is offering complete 10-point efficiency inspections for just $65. Whether you rely on a heat pump, furnace or boiler, our team will check all critical components of your unique system to have you running at peak performance-and that could save you up to 25% on energy costs.

Check out for more information and special offers.    


Warm Up to Mantis
Mantis FireplaceIf you think a fireplace is just something lovely to look at, then you don't know Mantis™. 
With a three-stage heat exchanger that sends nearly 100 percent of heat energy into your home instead of up your flue, the Mantis is revolutionizing the practical uses of the fireplace. It is the first and only vented fireplace that exceeds 90 percent efficiency by creating heat, circulating warmth and adding humidity for optimal comfort. Gone are the days of complicated and pricey fireplace installations. The Mantis can be used as a traditional fireplace, insert or freestanding stove. The system's PVC pipes ensure low-cost installation, and are easily adaptable to both direct-vent and single-vent systems.
The Mantis is so innovative that it currently does not fit into any Energy Star category, but don't let its lack of a star fool you. The Mantis doesn't qualify for the furnace category because it requires no ductwork-ironically, this makes it even more efficient. It won the 2009 HOBI Award for Best Green Product; the 2007 Innovation Award for providing safer, healthier and more efficient residential environments; and the 2007 Dealer Design Award for achieving new levels of installation, maintenance and service ease.
Call Burkholder's today to learn more about the Mantis, and begin enjoying the efficiency of a beautiful heat source.


Hot H2O Savings: 


The water heater industry is being transformed by a revolutionary heat pump-and we just added it to the Burkholder's product lineup. As an add-on to your existing storage tank, the Geyser� heat pump establishes a natural and renewable hot water source with added benefits that seem too good to be true.


Compared to the energy usage of your tank water heater, the Geyser� will save you an average of 50 to 65 percent on operating costs! This astounding efficiency is possible because even the minimal energy used to operate the pump is effectively transformed to functional heat. The Geyser� heats the water in your tank by converting heat from the surrounding air to energy, and it also removes moisture from the air in the process. With the bonus of mold and mildew prevention, the Geyser� goes one step further in reducing energy costs by allowing you to turn off your dehumidifier. The Geyser� is built to last, made with premium parts manufactured in the USA. Installation is as easy as three simple connections, and maintenance is nothing more than air filter cleaning.


With easy setup, carefree maintenance, reliable performance and groundbreaking efficiency, the Geyser� is an innovation you can't afford to pass up. Call Burkholder's today to get your Geyser�.

Take It From the Millers...
Dr. Gene & Bonnie Miller

When their electricity bill reached nearly $600 during the coldest month of the 2010-2011 winter, Dr. Gene Miller and his wife, Bonnie, hit their boiling point. Over the years, the Millers used everything from coal stoves to propane burners to heat their home, but when their electric forced air furnace became "just too expensive" they decided it was time for a substantial change. "We wanted to make an investment and hopefully get better results," says Bonnie.


That investment came in the form of a new Infinity Series Greenspeed™ variable speed heat pump installed by Burkholder's earlier this year. The project required customized ductwork in the basement ceiling, but Bonnie got precisely what she was looking for. "It's really beautiful,"she says. "They did just what I asked."


After several months with the new appliance, the Millers have nothing but positive reviews. "This past winter was not as harsh as the year before, but we've seen more than a 50 percent savings on our energy bill during some months when compared to the previous winter." The heat pump's efficiency translates to summertime savings, too. In June, July and August the Millers saw a decrease of 1,000 kWh per month when compared to their energy usage during the same months in 2011. 


Infinity's Greenspeed™ technology has effectively revolutionized the heat pump. By matching performance to comfort needs, this pump eradicates unsteady air blasts and minimizes running time-plus, it's remarkably quiet. "We can barely hear it running, even when we're picnicking right next to it," says Bonnie.


The efficiency-minded couple still keeps their thermostat set around 68 degrees in the winter and 80 degrees in the summer, but they find their home to be extremely comfortable. "You still have to be purposeful in the energy you use, but you can save a lot," says Bonnie. "It's a more costly solution upfront, but I can already see the payoff."



Paws for a Moment 


Harley, the Burkholder family's 6-year old Labradoodle

As fall gets underway and the leaves begin to change, it's the perfect time to prepare for the impending icy weather. My top priority is digging up my buried bones from the backyard before snow covers the lawn. But Bob is always saying how important it is for people to tune-up their HVAC systems before the winter strikes.


Chances are you didn't think much of your heating system during the dog days of summer. But like it or not, you'll be turning to your heat in no time. I'm lucky to have Bob as my owner because he knows how to keep our house comfortable, safe and efficient.  But not everyone has a 'bone-a-fide' HVAC expert under their roof. Bob and his team consider the well-being of their clients their highest priority. So, when you get a Burkholder's seasonal maintenance inspection, you get properly working equipment, peace of mind and more.


There's more to proper HVAC care than the critical annual tune-up. Whether you have an oil burner, heat pump or gas furnace, it's important to be inspecting, cleaning and changing filters on a regular basis. This is why each and every Burkholder's maintenance inspection visit also comes with a lesson on easy ways to keep up the good work. With a maintenance visit from Bob's team, you'll learn basic but valuable pointers in the blink of an eye (or the wag of a tail).


I may be Bob's best friend, but his customers are his partners. Call Burkholder's today for a seasonal maintenance inspection and the team will set you up for success with professional expertise and easy do-it-yourself tips to keep you cozy and cost-effective throughout every season.   

Harley Paw




Enjoy life and leave the HVAC to us! Burkholder's is kicking off the fall season with new priority service agreements that take the hassle out of HVAC. With preventative maintenance, affordable repairs and priority service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our service agreements keep you running smoothly all year round. Burkholder's new priority plans cover each piece of equipment separately, so you can create the perfect solution for your unique environment. For less than the cost of a single emergency repair, a service agreement will provide you with an annual tune-up, coverage on most parts and labor, and no-cost emergency service anytime of the day or night. Professional preventative maintenance is a must when it comes to energy efficiency, equipment longevity and home safety. We'll inspect and adjust your equipment, evaluate all safety and operating controls, clean all relevant parts and test your air quality. Call us today and start enjoying the benefits of first-rate care. Burkholder's Priority Service Agreements include:


* Gas Furnaces

Receive an annual tune-up to prevent gas

leaks and corrosion, and guarantee clean

air. You'll also receive free replacements of

essential components such as thermostats,

pilots, and blower belts, wheels and motors.

* Oil Furnaces

Annual cleaning and lubrication of parts is

essential for oil furnaces. Your maintenance

visit will include this plus an examination

of connections and worn parts to prevent

failures, and coverage on labor and parts,

including critical blower, fuel pump and

burner components.

*Gas Boilers

Get the most out of your durable gas

boiler with professional maintenance that

prevents costly breakdowns and energy

inefficiencies. Receive an annual tune-up

with essential flue cleaning and inspection,

and coverage on most repairs and replacement


* Oil Boilers

Oil boilers should produce little to no

emissions, and it can take a trained eye

to spot a problem. Receive a complete

once-over plus new fuel filter cartridges

and burner nozzles. Most other key components,

including burner fans and motors,

are included with labor free of charge.

* Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are critical for both heating

and cooling, so this plan offers bi-annual

tune-ups in the spring and fall. We'll clean

the outdoor condenser coil, check the air

flow and temperature splits and assess the

compressor and refrigerant levels.

* Oil Fired Hot Water Heaters

Looking beyond the climate of your home,

this plan includes an annual cleaning and

inspection for efficient and effective water

heating. Burner and fuel pump components

are included among the list of covered


* Central Air Conditioning

Our springtime tune-up and inspection

will guarantee your comfort through the

summer months, in addition to coverage of

nearly every potential problem.




Sign up for a priority service agreement before the end of October, and you'll be automatically entered for a chance to win an iPad!


HVAC Degree

Oil burners are an effective and trusted heat source, but they occasionally require a jump-start at the onset of winter. Follow these simple steps to test your burner now, and rest easy knowing you'll be ready for the coming coldness.


Start by simply switching on your heat. If your burner does not fire up, first check that your thermostat and emergency switch are both set to the "ON" position. Next, make sure there's oil in your tank. If you still don't have heat, try resetting your oil burner by pushing the red reset button on the top of the burner. For your safety, it's critical you only press the reset button once.


If after all this your burner still isn't working, contact the Burkholder's team for a helping hand.

Thanks for Your Support
Kathy's Walk
Kathy continues to inspire, leading her own walk among family & friends.

Throughout the summer, Burkholder's has been focused on fundraising efforts to help one of our own. Kathy Bielski is the step-daughter of our general manager, Joanne Suzadail, and her story inspired us, and the community, to get involved. Thanks to a fundraising walk and ongoing initiatives, we're excited to announce that approximately $11,000 has been raised for the Kathy Bielski Spinal Cord Injury Foundation.


Since suffering a spinal cord injury, Kathy has faced each day with positivity and perseverance. The fundraising walk, which was held on June 30, was led by none other than Kathy herself. Between the walk and the donations that have continued since, Kathy now has enough money to purchase a vehicle that offers her safe and comfortable transportation.


"Kathy has been looking at various types of vans, trying to figure out what is best for her circumstances," says Suzadail. "We're so grateful for the generosity displayed by Burkholder's, and our customers."


From all of us at Burkholder's, we would like to thank everyone who helped us support Kathy and her worthy cause.   



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