Get Smart Winter 2012 
Dear Friends,
Bob Burkholder,
President of
Burkholder's HVAC

Welcome to the winter edition of Get Smart with Burkholder's. In this issue, we'll give you a quick overview of several new products we've added to our lineup, alert you to upcoming gas furnace regulations, and let you know about some special offers. From our automatic whole-home generators to our groundbreaking boiler control system, we've got the tools to keep you efficient, safe and comfortable.


In addition to providing quality HVAC service, Burkholder's has always strived to improve our community. When my father opened this business, he believed in giving back to the community and I've carried on his tradition throughout the years. This year, we kicked-off the Burkholder's Giving Back Campaign. We began the initiative when we donated to and participated in a walk to raise funds for Kathy Bielski, the step-daughter of our general manager, who is bravely fighting to overcome a spinal cord injury. Since then, we've teamed up with the A.B.A.T.E. Toy Run to help raise funds and donate new toys for Christmas for the Volunteers of America Children's Center and Turning Point of Lehigh Valley.


Our most recent beneficiary is Pinebrook Family Services, an organization that has been keeping children and families safe since 1979. For every new "Like" we receive on Facebook that mentions Pinebrook, Burkholder's will donate $5 up to $1,000. The Giving Back will continue through January 31, 2013.


As we enjoy the holiday season, I want to thank each and every one of you for allowing us to keep you comfortable. I encourage you to spend time with your family and friends. I am grateful for my wonderful family, caring friends and dedicated employees. 


Happy Holidays,


Robert C. Burkholder

Burkholder's Brings Home Geothermal
Geothermal diagramGeothermal heat pump systems use the earth's constant temperatures for energy-efficient indoor heating and cooling. This alternative energy source is gaining popularity throughout the country as it offers a "green" alternative to oil. Although the process is easy to understand, the design and installation should be trusted to only the most qualified professionals at Burkholder's.


When Ed Klucsarits began conducting Internet research to find a local heating and air conditioning company for his geothermal installation, Burkholder's quickly caught his interest. Ed had relied on a geothermal system at his previous home in Pittsburgh, so when he saw that Burkholder's offered the advanced heating solution he was instantly intrigued. "I sent an email to Burkholder's and I was impressed when I immediately received a response from the Vice President, Dave Wieder" says Ed. "We set up an appointment to review the house, and after the initial assessment I received a comprehensive contract which included all related costs."


As in most geothermal installations, Ed's project began with well drilling, which was done by Odenheimer. "As soon as Odenheimer drilled the three wells and connected the piping to the house, Burkholder's was ready to complete the installation of two air handlers and two geothermal units," says Ed.


"Burkholder's sent over an installation technician, Dave Wieder, and he was outstanding in terms of his knowledge and skill," says Ed. "There was also a Field Supervisor, Justin Zelinsky, involved in the project, and he stopped over frequently and many times assisted with the installation. Burkholder's is very fortunate to have Justin on their team as his knowledge and understanding of geothermal systems is second to none," says Ed.


Ed Klucsarits
Ed Klucsarits was pleased with the service he received from Burkholder's when they designed & installed his geothermal system.

 Ed's rave reviews are really a result of one simple factor: overall ease and convenience. "The system was installed in the winter, and yet I had no downtime in heating my home," he says. Approximately one year after the completion of his geothermal installation, Ed is pleased with the results. "The system operates very economically-it saves me the purchase of oil, and I have a very reasonable monthly electric bill," he says. "I would recommend Burkholder's for a geothermal installation."


If you're interested in learning more about geothermal systems, contact us today through our website or call our office at 610-965-9736. 

Don't Wait - 
Upgrade Your Gas Furnace Now

In 2007, the Department of Energy set strict heating and coolingDon't Wait  efficiency restrictions for each region. For those of us in the northern states, a required transition to high-efficiency gas furnaces begins May 1, 2013.


The new regulations call for all gas furnaces to have a minimum 90% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The change means required installation of new condensing gas furnaces. If you currently have a non-condensing unit that needs to be replaced, it would most likely be less costly to upgrade to a new non-condensing unit before the May 1 deadline when it will be mandatory to install condensing units. New non-condensing gas furnaces have efficiency rates as high as 85%.


Transitioning to a condensing furnace system from a non-condensing system may become costly due to space constraints, exhaust venting necessities and condensation removal. If your current furnace environment is unable to cater to these needs then renovations may be unavoidable-but don't hit the panic button just yet.


As always, Burkholder's is here to walk you through the process. Instead of waiting until the 2013 deadline, Burkholder's is encouraging our customers to make the necessary updates now. By replacing your old non-condensing gas furnace with a newer model, you can stick with your current furnace environment and avoid the expenses of an entire system transition. Upgrading to a new, efficient non-condensing furnace will save you money, time and stress come May 1, 2013.


Contact us today to learn more about your options.



HVAC Degree

Heat pump users, this tip is for you. 

As the snow falls this winter, keep in mind that your outdoor heat pump will need some attention. After each snow storm it's necessary to dig out around the base of your outdoor pump. When your unit goes into defrost mode water comes off the coil and that water must be able to drain through the base of the unit. If snow is not cleared away, your drainage water can refreeze and cause damage to the outdoor coil or even Freon leaks. 





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Paws for a Moment 
Harley, the Burkholder family's six-year-old labradoodle

Winter is well underway and I sure am thankful for my fur coat. As the temperatures outside continue to drop, I worry about my human friends who don't have natural insulation like me. Luckily, today's heating systems are capable of keeping your home cozy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The only problem with round-the-clock heating is that, if you're not careful, you can run-up an energy bill the size of a Great Dane.


By now, even my canine friends and I know about the importance of energy efficiency. It's common knowledge that we should be mindful of the energy we use, but what's not as widely known that regular maintenance is an easy and effective way to minimize consumption. Bob and I like to sum this up with a simple saying: If you want to go green, keep your equipment clean.


Regular maintenance of your HVAC system can improve its efficiency and save you up to 25 % on energy costs! Like any piece of equipment, your heat source will function more effectively and resourcefully when it is properly maintained, so Bob and his team offer Priority Service Agreements for any and every piece of HVAC equipment. Along with an annual inspection and tune-up, Bob's Priority Service Agreements include 24/7 emergency support and free parts and labor on most repairs. All this adds up to a comfortable, safe and cost-effective winter for you and your family, but there's another significant financial benefit: avoiding costly breakdowns. That leaves extra cash for doggie cookies and rawhide bones.


Routine cleanings and inspections are the only way to increase equipment longevity and prevent costly breakdowns. Just as your home and car are insured to protect you, your HVAC equipment should be covered as well. With a Burkholder's Priority Service Agreement, you get the emergency care you need and the comfort and efficiency you deserve. It's like getting a tasty treat without having to do a trick for it. Just contact Bob today at or 610-965-9736.

 Harley Paw


Like Us" & Support Pinebrook Family Services

Here at Burkholder's we're always looking forPinebrook Family Services  new ways to support our community, and now you can help. For nearly 35 years, Pinebrook Family Services has played a pivotal role for Lehigh Valley children, young adults and families. This charitable organization provides support services to our community, ranging from violence prevention and treatment to placement and adoption services. To show our appreciation for Pinebrook and to help support its services to the community, Burkholder's will be giving donations to the organization every time someone "Likes Us" on Facebook.


From now until January 31, Burkholder's will make a $5 contribution to Pinebrook Family Services for every Facebook "Like" up to $1,000! If you've been thinking about supporting your community this holiday season, it's never been easier. Now, all you have to do to help out is "Like Us" on Facebook and post Pinebrook and we'll make a donation to Pinebrook on your behalf.


With three Lehigh Valley locations in Allentown, Easton and Wind Gap, Pinebrook is a vital resource for our community. Visit to learn more about the organization. And then, log-on to Facebook to help us make a difference.

Protect Your Power

Save Power

If there's one thing Hurricane Sandy taught us, it's that power is a fragile thing. With meteorologists predicting storms of this magnitude and resulting power outages to become a more common occurrence in the Lehigh Valley, now is the time to consider a backup plan. 


Generators are a great way to protect your power supply, but portable generators do come with risks. There have been tragic reports of carbon monoxide poisonings from people running portable generators in garages or too close to homes. "The danger is that people don't realize they're breathing in the gas until it's too late," says Dave Wieder, VP of Burkholder's.  "It's also very dangerous to start up a gas-powered generator in a storm with rain or snow because of the potential for sparks, which can lead to fire or electrocution." 


To keep you and your family safe and warm this winter, Burkholder's is offering whole house generators that are reliable, convenient and risk free.  Burkholder's whole house generators are easily installed into your existing power panel to automatically switch on in a power outage, and then off once power is restored. They are hassle-free and automatic to keep your energy flowing seamlessly and your home running smoothly and safely. 


Another benefit is unexpected savings. "People think they're saving money, but portable gas-powered generators typically cost between $60 and $70 per day to operate, which is two to three times higher than our system's daily operating cost," says Wieder. Powered by natural gas, propane or diesel, Burkholder's whole home generators use energy-efficient resources. "Aside from the convenience and cost, it's really a matter of safety," he says. 


Burkholder's is currently offering installation and a 7kw whole house generator with transfer switch starting at $3,999. Call or email us today to learn more about how we can keep your power on, your home comfortable and your family safe.


$65 Inspection

Heating costs can take a toll on your pocket, but Burkholder's is here to help. As the

cold temperatures continue on, now is the perfect time to tweak your heat. Boilers,

furnaces and heat pumps all require regular cleaning and maintenance to operate at maximum efficiency. For a limited time, Burkholder's is offering complete 10-point efficiency inspections that cover all critical components of your heat source. We'll make sure your system is running at peak performance, and that could save you as much as 25% on energy costs!

Don't wait until you need a repair to call us. For just $65, Burkholder's can keep your energy costs down and prevent you from ending up out in the cold! Call us at 610-965-9736 or click here to learn more on our website.

Save Money with AquaSmart™Aquasmart  

Chances are you don't often think about boiler controls, but thanks to AquaSmart™ you should.


Beckett's American-made AquaSmart Advanced Boiler Control reduces fuel consumption to save you money-plain and simple. The small appliance is revolutionizing the efficiency of residential oil, natural gas and liquid propane boilers. With just one connection, AquaSmart plugs into your boiler allowing you to easily program temperature limits and other advanced settings. Now, taking control of your boiler's temperature is as easy and using a TV remote.


The secret of the system is its HeatManager™ functionality, which can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20 percent! It dynamically works to keep your boiler as cool as possible while still providing the precise temperature results you desire. In addition to concrete savings and consistent comfort, AquaSmart promotes safety in your home by preventing excessively high boiler temperatures. The product also lives up to its name with a clever memory storage system that records cycle history for easy troubleshooting. If you're still not sold on AquaSmart, consider this: the appliance is so effective that Beckett actually guarantees customers an energy savings of at least 10 percent. This assurance translates to hundreds of dollars in savings this year and thousands over the next five to ten years.


From safety and comfort to peace of mind and tangible savings, AquaSmart is a smart

purchase for every home with a boiler. And to make it even better, Burkholder's is offering AquaSmart plus installation for only $499. This special offer expires January 31, 2013. Call our office at 610-965-9736 or contact us through our website to schedule an appointment.