UPDATE: Tired of Emergency Filter
Underdrain Repairs?
Block Underdrain now for Free!!

September 18, 2017In my May E-Newsletter , I discussed yet another water plant superintendent who called me singing a familiar tune:

"My block underdrain has blown up, the manufacturer is blaming me and the contractor for its failure, and I must buy an expensive replacement system today, or else!"

Municipal personnel were rightly upset about expensive underdrain repairs after only ~10 years--so much so, they seriously considered ripping out the block underdrain and starting over with Orthos!  Instead, to appease the livid authorities, the block manufacturer gave its product away for FREE!

Precedent has now been set.
  1. For all those with failed block underdrains--Ask for a refund!
  2. For those with failing block underdrains--Demand a free replacement or switch to ORTHOS! 
If one sells a product that isn't resilient to varying conditions and can't tolerate some installation error, is the product truly of high quality?  Or is this a case of planned obsolescence? 

Is the following really industry best practice? 

X       In an industry that demands reliability and resiliency, why are block underdrains being installed over-and-over again? 
X       Can one truly believe that the unproven, overly-narrow slotted cap will perform any better over the long-term? 

     Wouldn't a monolithic underdrain that features reinforced concrete, is locked into the sidewalls and filter floor, and lasts for many, many decades, be better?


ORTHOS can utilize the block flume for installation of an air header and create a short plenum (±12") to minimize hydraulic profile.  With a change of media design, maximum backwash rate, or trough elevation, ORTHOS can engineer a solution that provides excellent distribution, long filter runs, and effective media cleaning.

Remember, ORTHOS has never had an underdrain failure.
Don't give in to the block guys' demand!
Orthos never underdrain orange

Say "NO" to floor failures! 
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