Our Mission: Success
Everyone is capable of reaching their full potential, but to do so, you have to have a deep knowledge of yourself to understand what needs to be done. 

A performance coach can give you a support system and help improve your overall performance! At Wellspring Behavioral Health, we believe that this understanding of yourself can shape you to be independent and confident, as well as give you the skills to be more effective and productive.  Let us help you find your way.
Get Your Resolutions Back on Track
It may seem like you can't live out those New Year's resolutions, but with these tips, you can get back on the right track! 
  • Focus on one resolution at a time and put your energy into that!
  • Think of how you plan to achieve this goal and write it out.
  • Don't let small setbacks get you down; view them as learning opportunities. 
In February, many began to lose that initial drive to get things done. So get your inspiration back, reevaluate your strategies, and stick to it!
New Year, New You
Many have begun to turn away from New Year resolutions as they can easily be viewed as a quick fad, but when you think about it, it's really just a start of a blank state so you can strive to reach a goal, and setting goals are a great way to start on the path of achieving your dreams.

Everyone can have their reasons for setting goals, but we can all agree that putting your mind on a main focus is how you get things done. A goal can give you a clear vision and a starting direction, even if the path seems a little fuzzy at first. 

At the end of the day, goals really give us a meaning to live life and give us that feeling of purpose. This helps motivate us and is what starts the cycle all over again, so yes, make those resolutions, as silly as it may sound, and set your mind to achieve all you can dream of.  See how we can help you achieve those goals with a performance coach!

Wellspring Behavioral Health Cares
Dr. McNeely’s viewpoint and practice is integrative, combining developmental, cognitive-behavioral, existential and other perspectives to develop a holistic approach, broadening insight and opportunities for effective intervention.

Abigail regularly works with clients dealing with a broad range of issues including anxiety, depression, bipolar depression, life challenges and chronic illness. She offers individual, couples and family counseling for adults and teens, as well as academic, employment and medical needs psychology assessments.
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