As the world continues to move through these transformative times where external forces are exerting and asserting more and more control over us humans with rapid speed - whether via government, media, industry, Mother Nature, AI or some combination of them all - it's imperative that we not get swept up without standing up when necessary.

I know everyone wants to go "back to normal," but in my opinion that ship as sailed and we need to continue adapting to ever-more bizarre circumstances and challenges in our daily lives, and must become super-aware of our internal responses to it all, and to each other. I think that things will continue to get tricky and prickly for us in our home life, relationships and jobs, so be sure to take some time to check-in with yourself on a regular basis to see what resonates with you in any of those areas and adjust accordingly with courage and grace.

It's important, too, that we navigate these changes without giving up our basic rights and dignity or succumbing to fear and division, and instead foster hope, love and unity. We must realize we are stronger and more powerful than we think we are and can tap into that power to change, create, or confront whatever challenges or injustices we face in any area of our lives or the world at large. We are the ones we are waiting for, so today's PGG essay from 2013 is a reminder of that for you <3

The PGG Video of the Week reminds you you have a role to play in history; the Instagram post is about being aligned with your truth no matter what that might look like. And for the PGG Vibe of the Week, of course it had to be the title song, Bob Marley's Get Up, Stand Up.

Also, it's been a hot minute since I did a Zoom anything; I plan on doing one towards the end of the month so please let me know what you would like me to offer and stay tuned for announcements.

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Big hug <3

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