We have arranged special discounted prices for our players who buy audio-visual lessons from bridge great Marty Bergen during the pandemic.

Marty came to fame as a national bridge champion and the author of Points Schmoints! and many more books. The title illustrates his humorous and easy-to-remember approach. He thinks of himself primarily as a teacher and has taught for more than 40 years.

Our long-time students will know two of our favorite Marty Bergen quotes, “I never met a five-card suit I didn’t like” and “ Always give your opponents the opportunity to make a mistake.”

You probably know him as one of the authors in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin . Jo got to know Marty personally when she did some public relations work for him. When our bridge students stump us with questions, Marty has always been gracious about providing the answers. We highly recommend his lessons as a supplement to our classes.

Click here to look at a free demo and/or purchase lessons.

You are welcome to order any number of lessons you wish. If you purchase two lessons, you get a bonus PDF of some of Marty's best bridge material. The more lessons you order, the more PDFs you get.

The big discounts are for a purchase of five or more lessons.  The more lessons you get, the greater the discount. For example, five lessons are $19 each and 10 lessons are $15 each. See the full price list below. You also can order just the transcripts, although we don't recommend this.

(If you have technological concerns or other questions, you can email Marty at mbergen@mindspring.com for help.)

His latest lesson is “How To Make The Best Opening Lead.”  We have gone though it in detail. It is a great supplement to the online classes that Jo is teaching this month. Marty says, “The importance of this topic cannot be overstated. After all, it is one of the few things that occurs on every hand you play!”

To add more icing to an already delicious dessert, this lesson on opening leads is enhanced by no fewer than two bonuses! One of them is the complete opening notes used by Marty in his very successful partnership with Larry Cohen! It's interesting not just as sound advice, but also as an example of the detailed partnership agreements the top players have.
--Chuck Abramo & Jo Murray
April 19, 2020