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May 2013
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Data Center "Triple Play": Performance, Reliability and Incentives

New efficiency programs with local utilities have tens of millions of dollars of incentives available to support enhanced reliability and performance upgrades in data centers. Generous payouts, often covering of 50% of the project costs, are available even when the traditional economics calculate paybacks under 1 year.  Currently there are opportunities for select projects to earn more incentives if work is completed earlier in the year, so now is the time to act!

Be proactive in managing your data center's power and cooling.

"Rules this year have improved over last.  Open to ideas to make deals more attractive.  New incentives were announced that loosen things up further than ever before.  I really appreciate EEC's Data Center knowledge, and am sure our money will be quite adequate to deliver the things your customers really want."

Regional Utility Company Representative focused on Data Centers



Uptime Institute recently published results of a new survey of data center operators (1,000 respondents at data centers worldwide), suggesting that green fatigue is setting in when it comes to making data centers greener.

General Motors Corp. (GM) Reinvents Its Data Center

Earlier this month, GM published two press releases GM's New Enterprise Data Center Transforms Global IT and GM Begins Construction on Second Global Data Center. GM is determined to focus IT operations to help the company work smarter and faster from the design studio to the factory to the showroom floor. The goal is to replace 23 data centers with just two. GM typically sells more than 9 million vehicles worldwide each year, makes cars and trucks in 30 different countries.

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