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WGC October 2017 Member Newsletter
Dear Oldways Whole Grains Council members,

In the last five years, more than 100 new scientific studies have been published analyzing the health benefits of whole grains. The WGC has compiled and released a new Summary of Recent Research on Whole Grains and Health outlining the findings of 112 studies published between 2012 and 2017. If you're interested in learning more about the impact of whole grain consumption on health, longevity, and chronic disease risk, we invite you to take a look. Reach out to Kelly Toups ( kelly@oldwayspt.org, 617-896-4884) with any questions.
Okanogan County Community Action Council Wins Our Good Grains for a Good Cause Campaign!

As a wrap-up to September's Whole Grains Month celebration, we awarded Okanogan County Community Action Council with 125 cases of whole grain foods, generously donated by you, our members! This donation came at an especially welcome time for Okanogan, WA, a region that's been ravaged by wildfires this season. Read more about the winning organization in our blog post

We want to thank everyone who donated product, nominated a charity, or helped to spread the word about our campaign on social media. You helped make this year's Whole Grains Month the most successful and impactful one yet! 

Special thanks to our 20 donor companies: 
Back to Nature, Barbara's Bakery, Bob's Red Mill, Catallia Mexican Foods, Dr. Kracker, Freekehlicious, Grainful, Hathor Do Brasil ( GranĂ³), Hodgson Mill, Homefree, InHarvest, Kellogg's, Lotus Foods, Lundberg Family Farms, Mary's Gone Crackers, Mockmill, Ozery Bakery / Pita Break, Pamela's Products, Popsalot, and Riviana Foods. 
Get Your Products Sampled at Supermarkets in March
Whole Grain Sampling Day, March 28, 2018, will be here before you know it. Each year we connect the Oldways network of over 200 supermarket RDs with manufacturers who would like to donate whole grain product for the event. Last year 18 supermarkets (including ShopRite, Hy-Vee, Hannaford's, and Giant Food) partnered with us to host sampling events in 125 grocery locations around the country. 

Supermarket RDs begin planning in-store promotions 4 months in advance, so if your company is interested in participating (or learning more), contact Kelly Toups (kelly@oldwayspt.org, 617-896-4884) before December 15. While we can't guarantee which companies' products our supermarket RDs will choose to sample, we urge everyone who's interested to sign up. 
Sign Up for Our Product Registration Form Training Workshop: December 6 at 2pm ET

If you're new to the Whole Grains Council, or if it's been a while since you registered any products for Stamp use, we invite you to join us, via conference call, for a 40-minute training workshop on Wednesday, December 6 at 2pm ET. We will walk you through the registration process, teach you how to calculate Total Grains and Whole Grains amounts, and help you locate other helpful resources on our website. 

Reach out to Caroline Sluyter ( caroline@oldwayspt.org, 617-896-4832) for more information, or to sign up. Can't make it on December 6? No problem -- we can work with you to set up a workshop for your company at a time that's better for you.
Caroline's Tip: Register Stamped Products for Use in the US and Canada Separately

Many of our members sell the same products to both the US and Canadian markets. Because the labeling rules are different in these countries, products often qualify for one type of Stamp in the US and a different type of Stamp in Canada. In order to make the most of the Stamp's marketing power, we recommend that you file two separate Product Registration Forms for these products, one for each country, so that you can use the strongest Whole Grain Stamp that your product qualifies for in each location.

Remember that in the US (and other countries around the world) products qualify for the 100% Stamp when all of their grain is whole grain, and they qualify for the 50%+ Stamp when at least half their grain is whole grain. In Canada, products qualify for the 100% Stamp only if all their ingredients are whole grain, and they qualify for the 50%+ Stamp when at least half their product (by weight) is whole grain.
Share These New Whole Grain Resources with Your Customers

Carbohydrates, a staple of human diets for millennia, are often demonized by those who don't even understand what a carb is. To learn more about high-quality, healthy carbs, check out our new Carb Quality Common Sense handout, inspired by Oldways' participation in the International Carbohydrate Quality Consortium in Rome with some of the world's top carbohydrate researchers. 

Everyone knows that switching to whole grains improves your health, but your customers may not realize how much using whole grains can improve the taste and flavor of their favorite recipes. Our new How to Use Whole Grains to Improve Your Recipes infographic illustrates the culinary benefits of whole grains and provides easy tips for success!
Caroline Sluyter
Stamp Program Manager

Kelly Toups, MLA, RD, LDN
Program Director

Cynthia Harriman
Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies

... and from all of the Oldways and Whole Grains Council staff
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