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Les Fradkin | Kick Sand
Bongo Boy Records  is stoked to add to Volume Two from Parker, Colorado,  Les Fradkin  and his SURF music KICK SAND.
Les was introduced to us on Gnarly Wave Volu me One and we are super stoked to see him return with another smashing surf song KICK SAND. Les who captured headlines as George Harrison in the mega-hit Broadway show "Beatlemania" in the 1970s, is today a prolific writer, producer, guitarist and MIDI Guitarist who is a great disciple of surf instrumentals. Having played with The Ventures, live on Stage, and recorded with Ventures' guitarist Nokie Edwards, Les has enjoyed 16 #1 Surf Instrumental hits, won several awards at the Indie Music Channel (including 2016 Best Instrumental Recording), been a featured Artist in the book "MP3 For Dummies" and has four of his Surf songs featured on the Soundtrack of "the Motion Picture: Accidental Icon - The Real Gidget Story". Les endorses Wilson Bros. Ventures Model Guitars, and also plays Fender Jaguar Guitars plus his Hallmark Custom 60 Les Fradkin Signature Model Guitar. Artist Web Site
Susan SurfTone | Subduction
Bongo Boy Records  welcomes back this time on Gnarly Wave Volume Two from Beaverton, Oregon - Susan SurfTone with a crashing surf song SUBDUCTION. You can find S usan's other smashing surf song GREEN LIGHT on Gnarly Wave Volume One.
She came up with the idea of an instrumental band like The Ventures. No vocalist. Bingo. As "Pulp Fiction" brought surf music to the public's attention once again with Dick Dale's Miserlou and the Third Wave of Surf Music a world-wide tsunami was launched this time. In 1994 she formed The SurfTones and by the end of 1995 she was signed by Gee-Dee Music, Hamburg, Germany. The band name was changed by the label to Susan and The SurfTones and in April of 1996 she was riding in a van with her band driving down the Grosse Freiheit. Unbelievable. She eventually toured Europe four times with Susan and The SurfTones and recorded for three small European labels. Bongo Boy Records is excited to have Susan on Gnarly Wave Volume Two with her song "Subduction". Artist Web Site


1. Les Fradkin - Crashing Waves 2:09 
2. Tsunami Of Sound - Boogie Board Walk 2:05 
3. Susan SurfTone - Green Light 3:00
4. The SpyTones - Over The Moon 3:29 
5. James and The Enigmatic Light Band - Happy Happy Beach Song 2:46
6. Commercial Interruption - Prime Time 1:40
7. Blue Wave Theory - Lava Spout 3:24 
8. Agent Octopus - Chaparral 2:26 
9. Gar Francis - The Wave 3:10
10. Steve Laudicina - Wide Open 2:50 
11. Jenny And The Felines - Psychedelic Sea 3:38
12. The OneNeeders - Hush 3:46 
13. Dylan McGuire - Life Jacket 3:23 
14. Nolan Voide - Surfing To Jamaica 2:14
15. The Turbosonics - Jennette's Pier 2:28
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