July Financial Webinars
Online Summer Series (2)
The Community College Credit Building Initiative is hosting four financial webinars to transform your relationship with money and achieve financial independence.

BHCC students who attend any of our webinars THIS MONTH and take a short survey will be entered for a chance to win a $25 Stop & Shop gift card!
Webinars Topics
Spend for Success
This workshop will help you to start thinking and taking action to improve your financial skills and gain control of your finances.

Beyond Credit: More Than Just a Score
This webinar will help you to identify financial strategies to build, maintain, and improve your credit, such as a secured credit card.

How To Grow Your Savings
This workshop will help you to get inspiration for creating or adjusting your current spending habits.

Financial Coaching
By working with a financial coach you will have the opportunity to tackle:
  • Identify & pursue financial goals.
  • Review your budget.
  • Open a savings account.
  • Open a credit card if you haven't yet.
  • Review your credit report and scores.
  • Shop carefully for auto loans.
  • Learn the basics of home-buying.
  • Take advantage of financial perks at work.
  • Develop sound money management skills.
  • Access resources to help increase financial stability.
  • Find strategies to increase cash flow, wealth, and credit scores.
  • Become more financially resilient.
  • Reach your potential!
Our Coach
Julie Demusz

Julie has worked as an entrepreneur with a focus on market development in financial education. She helps students to prioritize spending, learn about their resources, and create a monetary plan for the future. Reach out to her today to take charge of your financial future with guidance from a professional!

(857) 202-1199
Success Stories
SE Story

SE has been part of the CCCBI program since last June, not long after the pandemic began. She came with the expectation to learn more about savings and credit building. She was able to access an available resource to help her pay off an outstanding utility bill. Her credit score increased from 646 to 764. 
AS Story

AS has been enrolled in the CCCBI program since last September. She learned the fundamentals of credit, she found out there was a medical bill in collection that she was not aware of. She successfully disputed the collection. After 2 months of coaching, AS’s credit score has increased from 669 to 730.
The CCCBI coaching services is committed to helping you find strategies that will reduce the financial impact of these challenging times.

We are here to share ideas and guidance, and to help you understand your options.
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