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We've had the pleasure of having the Plaughers as our neighbors in Bluffton. It helped moving into a new neighborhood [and State] to have such good neighbors. During our sixteen years of friendship Arliss and Barbara would whisk out of town for long period of time.

Like good neighbors we helped each other shoveling snow [actually our machines did it] and mowing the lawn between our properties. Additionally, the photos for "Raggedy" Ruth's book "Perfectly Frugal Piecing" were taken in the Plaugher's picturesque back yard.

When we arrived in Bluffton, we were fresh out of high-tech California. So, it was natural for Barbara would come to me with tech questions such as "Why doesn't my computer work?", or "How do I reach the internet?", or "How do I send this document to Romania?" and an entire list of other countries.

I did what any good neighbor would do: I contacted the National Security Administration! Actually, I assisted her as best I could. This lead to our donating prescription glasses and other small things as they were traveling the world for VOSH [Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity].

It was fun to hear their stories when they got back. [And exciting when they had to evacuate the location!] And, not so fun when they had medical problems.

Book Back
Barbara and Arliss came into the shop yesterday with the new book she had written: Perseverance: Missions to the WORLD. It is Barbara's account of real-life, humorous and adventurous experiences of a nurse desiring to serve others at home and on abroad on five continents.

It's a good read. It contains practical insights to life's opportunities of service. It also shows you what you can do for the world, even when you are less than a President, diplomat or politician - just a farmer and a nurse doing their part.
Barbara wrote the book to increase awareness of the rewards, joy, and effect of service on the lives of those providing service as well as for the recipients.

She is donating the proceeds from the sale of the book to the Barbara Plaugher Nursing Scholarship, administered by the Blanchard Valley Hospital Foundation.

The book is hot off the press, costs $12.95, is 175 pages long, has a soft cover, and has many color and B&W photos to give a flavor to the narrative. To buy it on-line go to our web-site or Click Here!

Barbara has informed me that she will be doing a book signing on October 29 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Book Review shop. I will post any changes to the details of the "when" and "where" on Facebook as a Reply to this post under "Forever In Stitches LLC". The book is on sale now at Forever In Stitches!

The Plaugher's back yard from the cover of Ruth's book 
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