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November 2018
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Retirement  pl a nning is a f lu id, ongoing process In today ' s economic environment where interest r a tes are  on the rise  a nd b on ds are struggl i n g , whatever  in vestmen plan you implement to meet your goals will  need  c ontin ual m o nito ring a nd  p e r io d i adj us tments.

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Annualized Returns or CAGR - Which one you should consider? 

Just because a financial product has returned an average of 15% a year over the specified period does not mean that your investments have actually grown by 15% year-over-year.

By definition, Annualized Returns and Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) are not the same and represent two different views of return on investments. 
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2.8% COLA Increase for 2019 Social Security
Social Security COLA  will increase by 2.8%  for 2019. Although that's down slightly from an earlier estimate, it still would be the largest benefit boost in seven years.
How to take money out of a life insurance policy

Watch as Certified Financial Planner Karen Lee explains in plain terms all the different ways to take money out of an insurance policy (and the possible tax consequences depending on your choice).
Paycheck for Life!

Learn how to keep a steady stream of income in your retirement years.

Watch this quick video and learn how you can create Protection, Power, and a Paycheck for Life!

How much will your paycheck be?
A note from the Accounting Professor:

October 2018: Panic sellers have their day in the sun

We have had an unprecedented move in the market since November 2016. For those sitting on significant gains and itching to pay capital gain taxes, any excuse to sell will do, and that is what they did in October...
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