VAST Blast                                Mid November , 2019

Merging Visions 2020:   Send in Digitals NOW!
Note: Older Work Can Be Entered, Providing it Has Not Been in a
Previous MV Exhibition.

Dear VAST members and  Merging Visions supporters,
Our deadline for MV 2020 pairings is coming up quickly! We will extend the deadline until Dec 11. If you intend to submit an image for poets to look at for a possible pairing with poetry, you need to submit your image along with contact info for the poet, to ( Just a note, this image does not need to be catalog ready yet. But it needs have the potential of being catalog ready by February. We just need a clear enough image for the poet to look at for inspiration to write from. Click prospectus or look online at our website vast if you have questions. 

Mindy Faubion
VAST VP of Exhibitions

Additional Instructions: 
Those members who want to be involved, may submit completed artwork that the poets then could choose from. The advantage to the artist is, of course, time, and you may use an older piece that you would like to have out in the public view again.  Interested artists should submit one work of art to va by December 11. 
Please read prospectus for details.

How pairing may still be done besides sending digital: 
  • Artists, get digitals sent to the email by November 16.
  • Artists may peruse and choose a DPA member's existing poem to pair with an image they have in mind to paint or create.  
  • DPA members may ask an artist to create a work to match their poem or idea for a poem.
  • A collaboration between artist and poet may already be in the works. They would need to contact Rebecca Hines or Mindy Faubion to be considered "Already in Progress."
  • Read the "Process for Choosing a Pairing", below, carefully.
The subsequent matches would be paired up and communication will be established between the artist and poet.

Because the 2020 exhibit size has been reduced, artists may only submit one piece at this time. This may change once we see how many artists wish to participate.

Process for Choosing a Pairing: 

By December 11: Send your digital of art for possible pairing to the email

Approximately December 1 - A link will be sent out for artists and poets to access the folders with all artwork submitted to view and all poetry/synopses of written work to read.  Artists, at this time, please choose a poem and contact the poet, to see if you can reach an agreement on "pairing." Each submission will  have contact information attached so artists and poets can contact each other for a pairing. You must let Mindy Faubion know ( ) when you have paired with someone so she can remove that art/poetry from the choices available. We are limited to 30 pairings! When we have those 30 we will cut o ff  the link to the folders for viewing. 

Art submitted will go through a soft jurying to approve and/or critique for improvement by a panel of artists (to be chosen in the next few months.)

On the same website link, the poets of the Denton Poets' Assembly will be submitting up to 3 poems or synopses of poems for artists to peruse to see if they have an interest in possibly pairing their artwork with one of the poems. There may be an opportunity for artists to review over 30 poems or synopses on the website. The poets' phone number and/or email address will be listed for artists to use and make contact.

Our key focus this year, is the communication (and collaboration) on the potential pairing between artist and poet. It would begin at initial contact.    

We hope this new approach will be interesting and result in a reinvigoration of the exhibition with even more artists having an opportunity to submit work for the show. 

The exhibition will be hung in the 3 branches of the Denton Public Library, 
May 11-13, 2020, and will close July 18.

The Merging Visions 2020 Prospectus is available  here and will be on our website.

If you have questions after reviewing the prospectus, please contact members of the Merging Visions Committee: 
Gail Cope,  Exhibition Coordinator & Artists' Representative,
Rebecca Hines,  Poetry Coordinator & Poets' Representative, 
Mindy Faubion,  Installation Coordinator,

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2018-2019 Speaker Series      

The VAST Speaker Series starts in September.
September 4  - Christie Wood, owner "History of Stained Glass in Denton, Texas"
October 2 - Umut Demirguc, Needle Felting
November 6 - Sudeep Kumar, International Urban Sketchers and Plein Air drawing
December 4 - VASTFest: Come meet many VAST artists and do some holiday shopping. 
January 8 - Randall Good, Presentation of his "old masters" style of art which is influenced by Italian Renaissance and Mannerist period. Randall will demonstrate the process of Gold Leafing.
February 5 - Beverly Boren, watercolor (Beverly will also conduct a watercolor workshop February 3, 4 and 5.
March 4 - TBD
April 1 - Liz Hill, watercolor and collage ( Workshop will include live model.)  High School Competition.
May 6 - Stephen Zhang, watercolor

They are held on the first Wednesday of the month, Sept. through May. January will be the second Wednesday this next year.                 
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