Our Work this Year...and the "Long Game"
Where are we going in the year ahead?
This year, my goal is to build relationships with students, staff and families in the St. Joe's community while at the same time conducting a needs assessment. If our plan is to grow the St. Joseph's Regional Jr. High, it'll be important to determine the school's strengths, challenges and needs from many perspectives. Though I am not taking a year to take action on some things, other things do take time to thoughtfully envision and craft.

I will be participating in the Catholic Identity Reviews for other schools this year and this will inform our work in embracing our Catholic mission and identity at St. Joe's.

I will be spending times in classrooms and in collaboration with the teachers, be reviewing the academic curriculum, scheduling, report cards, providing instructional coaching and professional development where necessary. We want to be sure that our academic curriculum and outcomes are clear, transparent and effective in developing creative thinkers, resourceful problem-solvers, knowedgeable and articulate communicators, and compassionate contributors. Changes and improvements will only be made when it is clear we could be more effective for our students.

The Long Game

The growth of the schools, St. Joe's, Cardinal LaCroix and other Catholic elementaries included, will require us to evaluate many aspects of the schools or restructure programming, programming and provide support and professional development for teachers and families. Growth will mean that we include students and families of various abilities and knowledge. It will mean we committed to the service of educating children with unconditional, passionate hearts, curious minds and collaborative actions.

We want you involved and contributing in this process. There will be times we will ask for parental feedback and support on specific endeavors and we need you to lend your expertise, experience and insights. I promise to communicate in advance, asking questions when I need more information, so you'll know about the changes, improvements or ideas and the rationale for decisions. Please send me an email if you have interest in sharing time, knowledge, etc.

In Peace,