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We love to share our cultural and culinary outings. Sharing the "JOY" of Travel. Looking forward to being back in Germany 2022 at the GRANDL fest tent, for the SPRING FEST. Missing all of the supportive staff, Mr. Hans-Peter Grandl and entertainer "Luigi".


The end of the summer is here, and there is still not a clear direction for travel. But while the path is not always obvious, one thing is certain. Demand is up, people are traveling or planning to travel, and we are ready to serve you.

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Frankenstein Castle (German: Burg Frankenstein) is a hilltop castle in the Odenwald overlooking the city of Darmstadt in Germany. A wonderful place to visit and experience the Halloween season, or a wonderful dinner at the restaurant. WEBSITE


Apfelwein is made from pressed apples also called German Cider. The juice or must is fermented with yeast to produce an alcoholic beverage.

Apfelwein is mainly produced and consumed in Hesse (where it is the state beverage), particularly in the Frankfurt, Wetterau, and Odenwald areas. German cider is flavoured very differently to British and French varieties as it has more of a sour, tart taste. It is often referred to as 'Apfelwein' or apple wine and has an alcohol content of 4.8% to 7%.


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See the fall foliage in Florida



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RV'ING on the Beach

Hide-away Camping Retreat

Life is so much easier when you can JUST CHILL while enjoying a little quiet time at this Navarre, Florida Campsite. This lovely spot on the sound of Navarre, Florida has a special team that is super friendly. The property continues to grow and improve, as the upcoming new SEA Wall is being renewed. Located East of Pensacola and west of Destin, this is the perfect spot to enjoy the Emerald Coast. Come to The Hideaway! Click the link below to book your stay at their little hidden gem.


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Pumpkin Spiked Booze?

Check out the other fall inspired alcoholic drinks. Story HERE


Halloween Candy

Candy corn was originally called "chicken feed." about 35 million pounds of candy corn (around 9 billion pieces) are produced each year, with the "vast majority" of it being sold during the Halloween season.


Looking to get into the FALL / Pumpkin mood? Scentsy has a variety of products and recipes to go with them.


Burgers and fries in America. Fish and chips in England. But, in Belgium? Steamed mussels and fried potatoes, otherwise known as moules frites, are the country’s iconic go-to.  Although the French have claimed fame to the fry for years, the Flemish manuscript of 1781 was the first document to mention frites. During that time, local cooks would cut potatoes into long slices resembling fish and fry them in the winter when no river fish were available. Naturally, mussels soon became the perfect pair to frites since they were cheap and plentiful.

Recipe LINK of this Belgian cuisine!




These discount travel packages and tour packages to destinations worldwide provide exceptional value, saving our customers time and money. All prices are per person based on twin occupancy. Airfare, transfers, optional tours and gratuities not included. Prices are valid as of September 28, 2021 and subject to change without notice. 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐛𝐲 𝐎𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫 30, 2021

The tradition of Christmas Markets and all that Sparkle...

by Prof. Werner Dobner


Christmas Pyramids come in all sizes. In older days they used real candles, and today many are battery operated.


European Christmas Markets

with a variety of charms and themes

The German Christmas markets are a romantic tradition: they are feasts for all the senses. With their magic mixture of warm and warming drinks, spicy goodies and colorful ideas for Christmas gifts, they bewitch millions of visitors during this joyful season.    


Tradition says that the city of Dresden has the oldest Christmas Market. The city annals mention a market event around Christmas time back in 1434! Originally, the market lasted only a day or two and was to provide people with things they needed to overcome the cold winter season: warm clothes, fire wood, oil lamps and candles, dried fruit and various grains that could be stored without the danger of spoiling. Over the course of centuries, these markets changed in nature, length and purpose - and even iin name.


In Munich the earliest of such markets goes back to the so called “Nikolaimärktle”, conducted on the eve of St. Nikolaus, Dec. 5th and on Nikolaustag, Dec. 6th. At first only dealers from Munich were allowed to exhibit their goods, but soon wood carvings from nearby Oberammergau, nativity scenes from Italy, gingerbread goods and wooden toys from Nürnberg as well as decorations for the Christmas tree from the Fichtelgebirge were offered. Under the influence of the Age of Enlightenment and the Reformation the name was changed to “Christkindlmarkt” or “Weihnachts-markt.”


Measured by the number of visitors (4.5 million), the city of Essen, which celebrates the famous annual “Feast of Lights” at this time, has the biggest Christmas market, followed by Stuttgart, Munich and Frankfurt with 3 million visitors each. Measured by the number of market booths, Berlin with 400 seems to be in the lead before Dortmund, which boasts 300........ READ MORE by Werner Dobner



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Books to Inspire Your Travels

When you're ready for a but there's no vacation in sight, you know it's time to pick up a travel book. Whether near or far, there's nothing like immersing yourself in books about places, languages, literatures, and cultures you've never before experienced. These travel-inspired books will help you fit the whole world on your bookshelf. Instead of hopping on a plane, just take to the shelves, picking up a new book and diving into an instant vacation.

~ [


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Foreign Language

It’s a great time to book your next trip abroad now or travel later. While anticipating your trip, why not try to learn a few new phrases in a different language? If you’re traveling to an Italian speaking country, here’s a great starting point!

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October Travel Sales


Southern Resorts To Visit in Fall

Set your sights on favorite Southern resorts for a fun fall getaway in surroundings painted with the colors of the season. From coastal beach destinations with mild autumn breezes to mountain escapes surrounded by foliage-canopied hiking trails, there's a resort for everyone (with plenty of activities and attractions) this season. 

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